Worse before it’s better

You know when everything is going so well, for so long, you start to wondering when something’s going to give? When the ups have been so plentiful that you know a down is on the horizon? This is how I’ve been feeling for a while. And now, the down, of course, has presented itself.

It started with my body being uncooperative, and the decision not to run the Ottawa Marathon this coming weekend, after weeks of hard work. I can’t run more than 2km without intense pain, so 42.2k just isn’t an option at this point. I saw this as a relatively minor “down” in relation to all of the “ups,” and something I was prepared to work through.

Last Saturday night, Josh and I had our wedding shower. We did one together with lots of food and wine and it was SO FUN! I didn’t want to have a typical wedding shower, you know the kind that are at 2pm in the afternoon, on a Sunday, in a room full of women you don’t  know, playing games you don’t want to play?  Yeah those. Not for me.  So we had a great party with our closest friends and family instead. It was alarming how many people said “see you in a few weeks!” referring to our upcoming wedding day. (I still have 7 weeks, people!) Josh and I left feeling so lucky and so loved and without a care in the world.


Tuesday afternoon started as a regular day a work, but by 4pm, everything was flipped on it’s head. Without getting into the gritty details, my co-workers and I were told that our office would be closing. That Friday. Happy Long Weekend guys, it’s never-ending.

So what does this mean?

It means we likely can’t go on our honeymoon anymore, we had planned to go to Thailand for the month of July.

It means I likely can’t go back to school in September, the plan was to take my current job to a part-time role in the Fall.

It means I don’t get to work with my best friends everyday. We were a small office of 7 and we truly love being around each other.

It means there’s a black cloud following me everywhere, and I feel like Eeyore.

Initially it looked like I would be able to transition smoothly into a new job that would allow me to go part-time in September when school rolled around, but moments ago I found out that’s not happening, and things are starting to sink in. I’m trying to make sense of it all, trying to understand why it had to be this way (it didn’t have to be this way if you ask me), but right now I feel so sad and so angry. Running would usually be my outlet for this kinda thing, but, well, we all know how that’s going. So I’m writing instead.

I know there is a bright side, and eventually I will see it, but right now, I’m just a bit sad that the day I picked up my wedding dress was also my first day of unemployment.


Anyway, that’s my update! Sorry it’s so depressing.

Here’s to unemployment day 2! I hear it gets worse before it gets better.

Wish me luck!

Talk soon,










New Balance #FreshFoamZante Review + #RunToAFasterBeat

A few weeks back, I mentioned how I have been running in the Altra Superior 1.5 and it hasn’t been the best fit. Shortly after, New Balance reached out to me with the opportunity to try out the new Fresh Foam Zante shoe. I was WAY excited because I had already been stalking this shoe on IG for AGES, thanks to the accounts of Canadian Olympic marathoners, Eric Gillis and Reid Coolsaet.

The women’s Fresh Foam Zante comes in 3 colourways and the struggle was REAL to choose!  I want all the colours. It turned out that I didn’t need to make the choice anyway, because New Balance can’t keep these badboys on the shelves, so they sent me what they could! I received the grey and pink combo, which I actually loved so much more in person! All the options are bomb. FEAST YOUR EYES:

w1980pb_nb_14_i w1980gg_nb_14_i w1980wp_nb_14_i

First Impression

“Damn this shoe looks goooood.”

Last season, I had a lot of success wit the New Balance Minimus zero drop shoe. The only problem was that I ran holes straight through them in less than two months! The Fresh Foam Zante is a much more substantial shoe, but it’s still very light, all while being a snug but moveable fit (they are a 6mm drop for those who are wondering!). I don’t like to have restrained toes, and the Fresh Foam Zante gives you that snug and safe feeling (do you know what I’m talking about?), without keeping your piggies from getting to the market, if they want to get there, YOU KNOW?

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 8.06.23 PM


I generally have found the NBs seem to fit a little more snug than other brands. I wear a size 6 or 6.5 in regular life, but I remember wishing I got a 7 in the Minimus’ (I got a 6.5). I got a size 7 in the Fresh Foam Zante, and I probably even could have gone for a size 7.5, as a blister did form on my big toe. In the shoe’s defense– in the place where I developed a blister, there should actually be what people call a “toe nail”  to protect the skin, but I don’t know what those are anymore, so whatever.

The First Run

I threw these on for my Saturday run and I had no issues!  I ran 17k on my first run and it was totally comfortable (I never actually felt the blister, I just saw it later). The Fresh Foam Zante is exactly the in-between type of shoe I have been looking for. I needed something more substantial than Vibrams I’ve worn in the past or the NB Minimus I’ve worn more recently, but I didn’t want a traditional chunky, oversized running shoe. I for sure need to collect all 3 colours. I would 100% be wearing these for the Ottawa Marathon if I were still running! (Surprise, I’m not). Hopefully I can wear them for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon instead!  I totally recommend these shoes!



So speaking of racing, I mentioned recently that I had stopped listening to music on my long runs, because carrying my phone is a hassle and I love saving music to fuel a race (not just a run), and give me a power-up on race day after going for a few runs without it!  For my music, I was recently introduced to an app called Spotify. Spotify is different from other music apps because you actually get to SEARCH for music, make your own playlists, etc, and it’s FREE! I made my TYS10K playlist with Spotify and it helped me run through my diaphragm pain and come in only 21 seconds off my PR!

New Balance and Spotify have come together for this awesome contest called #RunToAFasterBeat where they are giving away a trip to a North American music festival plus $1000 in New Balance gear! (YOU COULD GET ALL THE FRESH FOAM ZANTE COLOURS!) All you have to do is visit bit.ly/Fresh_Foam_Zante to create your next playlist! Check my TYS10K playlist out while you’re at it!

Hope you guys are enjoying this GLORIOUS running weather, I’ll be back with an update soon!






Disclaimer: I was provided a pair of Fresh Foam Zantes in exchange for my honest review. I did not receive any other compensation and all opinions are my own.






TYS10K Race Recap

It’s a week later but better late than never!

So the Tuesday before the Sunday race was the last run I did that week. Things were not feeling right, and I decided to take some rest time and just see what happened on race day…COOL.

Claire picked me up at 6am, still looking like she was in her cozy bed, and we hit the road (grabbing Kate on the way).


It was pretty chilly that morning, so we got ready inside Running Room and met up with the other ladies running that morning. Below we have Janet, moi, Kate, Claire and Christina.


After we checked our bags, Kate, Christina and I decided to go for a quick warm up. One thing I know about my obnoxious diaphragm issue, is that it’s much more tolerable if I warm up at a much slower pace than I plan to actually run at, so this was necessary! We ran to an empty Second Cup, used the facilities, and blasted back to our corral!

Christina and I weaselled our way through the corral to a place I had no business being in, hah, and I told Christina I would drop back immediately. I think she thought I was kidding….but I wasn’t, hah. I was NAATT going to try and keep up with her because I knew my insides would shut that down in a matter of moments.

I don’t really remember what went down in each kilometre, but I do remember lots of wind and feeling the tightness/soreness in my diaphragm from the beginning.  I was fighting not to allow it to blow out of control to the point where I had to stop– which happens on every run now. Thanks to some chiro and taking 4 days off, I was lucky enough not to have the severe stabbing pains.  It was however uncomfortable enough that I held back and didn’t run as fast as I wanted to, for fear of really exacerbating the problem. I crossed the finish line in 48:11, which is only 20 seconds off my PR. I was happy that I didn’t TOTALLY blow it, but I was really bummed that I didn’t PR. I had put in more mileage in the months leading up to this race than I ever have, and I know I could have pulled off a way faster time if I wasn’t feeling like I was being held prisoner by my insides! I was pretty bummed for a few days, but not every race will go my way, and that is okay.

Now these are my girls who freaking killed it. At least 4 of them hit PBs! Kate ran a 39:49…casual.


Last week I only managed ONE 6k run, obviously cut short by pain. Today I was to run 32k, but I only managed 22k before I was stopped in my tracks. I’m going to get some more treatment this week, but I only have until Thursday to decided if I am still going to attempt the Ottawa Marathon. I feel like it will be disappointing either way, so I am really torn. WHAT TO DO? Words of wisdom below would be so so welcome!

Sorry this wasn’t the most uplifting post…you win some, you lose some!