Marathon Monday: I spoke too soon…


’cause I’m on the ball this week.

So I spoke too soon.

Since my last post, my diaphragm has blown up LIKE WHOA. Last weekend I did my 32k (20 mile) long run, and for the first 8.5km I was in pain. Pain that was only tolerable if I ran my kilometres about 30-45 seconds/km SLOWER than I like to for my long runs. COOL. The good news was that after that first chunk, it went away for the most part and I was able to finish the run. Monday night, I had an osteopathy treatment which helped loosen things up. Tuesday I was supposed to run 16k. I gave myself an extra day of rest, and decided to try Wednesday instead. Wednesday morning I managed 4k before I decided it was pointless, since I was a few treadmill notches away from walking, and still in immense pain. DOUBLE COOL. Wednesday night I had another osteo treatment, and Thursday I missed my run again for a hair appointment…#priorities.


All the way brunette, wee!

Saturday I decided I had no choice but to suck it up and do my 34k long run, since next weekend is the Toronto Yonge Street 10K, and I really want to race that and not worry about being tired from a long run the day before. SO I DID IT. But it wasn’t pretty. My insides were in so much pain everywhere, all the time! I remembered yesterday that when this happened last year, the thing that seemed to help the most was stretching my hips a lot and doing trigger point release on my psoas. I am going to try that again this week and see if that helps.

Side note: I stopped running with music about a month ago. The iPhone 6 is way too freakin’ big to fit in any pockets, so one day I decided to ditch it, and I have done so every run since. I can’t WAIT to make a new playlist for TYS10k. It’s so fun to get used to running with no music and then next time you do, BOOM, POWER UP. 34k with no music and then 10k with a new playlist? Pretty sure I’m going to win the whole race. AM I RIGHT?

Other side note: The place we booked to stay at for the Ottawa Marathon (on Airbnb) CANCELLED on us (the THIRD place to do this), so we have no where to stay. Help me. Someone.

In  FUN news, on Saturday I had a solid crafty afternoon making flower crowns for our engagement shoot on Sunday.


I only needed one, but I made 3 different types so that once my hair was styled, I could just choose which one looked best. (Please excuse my post-34k sweat ball top knot with hair flying everywhere, mmmmk?)




There are a bajillion tutorials online and I looked at about 10 and then winged it, so hit up that Google machine if you are interested! I ended up going with the around the back one.

Can’t wait to see how the pictures turned out!

Anyway, here goes the next week of training!







  1. Uhhhh, your mileage though…

    Love your wedding hair. Your engagement shots are going to be beautiful!!

  2. Brown hair looks great! Looking forward to seeing the engagement shots!

  3. New playlists are the best, but running in pain is not:( I’m in Ottawa and running the half, not sure if I can help, what places have cancelled on you!? Not cool.

    • Danielle says:

      Hi Annie!! Two places on Airbnb and one on VRBO! The hotels are all sold out, unfortunately. That’s what I get for waiting to the last minute! I have a back up plan (a friend’s parents), but I really don’t like to impose on people! I’ll sort something out! Thanks for your sympathy haha!

  4. Another Toronto based blogger?! Love it!
    Your hair looks awesome – beautiful color and curls. Too bad about airb&b! Super frustrating. Hope it works out for you!