Goodness me!


Contrary to what you might believe, I am alive and surviving the Canadian arctic thus far. Today I walked to work (25 minutes) in the -20 weather (celsius, with wind chill) and I was so prepared that I got SWEATY. Like that kid at school still wearing a snowsuit in April. That is how I measure my winter preparation success. CRUSHING IT.

In other news, I have not run once since the Hamilton Half Marathon. Not once. I planned to take a week off, but one became two, and two became 2 and a half., which will probably become three. #SORRYCOACH. We are so busy trying to rent out our current house, get ready to move into our new one next weekend, plan the wedding, working, etc,

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I just haven’t bothered to stretch myself so thin as to go run in blizzards. The good news is I plan to buy a treadmill for our new place, which I will then use to become the next RUN EMZ.  HAHAHAH. I’m hilarious.

No on to my point… a couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending an event at Goodness Me! Mississauga with my local blogger besties, Angela and Jess (my personal pace bunny). We had so much fun chatting away, meeting new bloggers and learning more about the Goodness Me! brand.


Goodness Me! is a local family owned and operated business in Ontario. Currently there are 6 open stores, with 4 additional locations opening soon. So what makes Goodness Me! special?  Janet Jacks, the founder/owner, in addition to her lovely daughter Emily, really demonstrated their deep understanding and passion for health and wellness. They made it clear that they are highly involved in all aspects of the store. They even go so far as to check the label of every product themselves, before it hits the stores.  You will only find the best products on their shelves! The stores also happen to be beautiful and so much fun to shop in!

In store you will find…

  • Organic & natural groceries
  • High quality natural supplements
  • Local natural & dairy products
  • 100% organic produce
  • Healthy lifestyles products, such as juicers, vitamixes and cookware
  • Educational and recipe books
  • Educational classes and courses
  • Bulk foods
  • Resources for all your health questions
  • Goodness eatery & bakery including salad bar, smoothie bar, juice bar, and hot meals. …we got to sample some of the food and it was amazing. TEMPEH CURRY GET AT ME.


So if you don’t live in Ontario, you’re probably wondering what exactly my point is, and how this is going to benefit you. Well, Goodness Me! has just launched their online store! While you cannot order fresh produce, the online store does offer..

  • Organic & natural groceries
  • High quality natural supplements (A lot of the same stuff you usually only find at your naturopathic doctor)
  • Healthy lifestyles products
  • Educational and recipe books
  • Healthy gourmet recipes
  • Resources for all your health questions
  • Webinars with international and local health experts

If you are interested in checking out the store, Goodness Me! is offering 25% off your purchase with the code “WorkItWearIt.” This code will always get you 20% off, but for now you get that extra 5%! Get up in that! If you lose track of the code you can use the button in my sidebar and get shoppin’. (Shipping is also free for purchases over $59, FYI.)

Happy Shopping!

(it’s good for you).



Disclaimer: As a brand ambassador for Goodness Me! I may receive compensation when I promote the Goodness Me! online store. But I really do love it! I never promote things I don’t believe in 🙂




  1. Ohhhhh, off to check out the store now 🙂