The countdown is on!


Last week was so busy that I only ran once! On Sunday!  Are you taking notes on all the right things to do when you’re trying to PR in a race? Cool. Glad I could help.


1. We set a wedding date! July 4, 2015! We were hoping for June 20th or 27th, but the location we chose didn’t have it. Only 263 days to go! We have also booked the photographer, bought the bridesmaid dresses, the suits for the groomsmen and I am going dress shopping in two weeks! THE BALL IS ROLLING PEOPLE.

263 days

2. I’ve seen TWO movies in the last two weeks! Josh and I saw ‘Gone Girl’ on opening night and then this past weekend we saw “This Is Where I Leave You.’ These are literally (I think) the 4th and 5th movies we have ever seen in theatres together in 7 years, so this is very strange for us! Josh’s sister and I took the opportunity to dress as twins because why not…


3. All and I mean ALL I have wanted to eat lately is soups and stews and warm things. My crock pot has been put to good use already this season. It helps that the meals I have been craving are also the ones built for lazy people. In addition to the crock pot, baby carrots also complete my life in circumstances such as 11pm emergency lunch making episodes.


4. I went to my first Oktoberfest event! Here in K-W, Oktoberfest is kind of a big deal. I have lived here for 3 years now, and when I tell people I have never been, they look at me like I have 6 heads. Technically, I still haven’t been to a real event since this was my friend’s house party, but it’s cool…no one needs to know. Now how hilarious are these cupcakes? I took this outside in the middle of the night…sorry so dark!


5. For Thanksgiving we had TWO dinners! Saturday night with Josh’s family, and Sunday night with mine. All of my sisters/cousins are in our 20s so we have a grrreat time at fam functions. This year we set up the ol’ self timer for a group shot featuring my no-so-baby cousin, Cole, front and centre.


6. Walks along the credit river with the fam never get old!  We have been doing this as long as I can remember. This is the time of the year when the salmon run so it’s pretty neat to see the giant fish people catch!


7. Did you know snails could be this TINY?


8. My doggies proved yet again that they can’t handle three day weekends. Too tired to move to the other bed. They’re STILL asleep, I swear.


9. I’m sleepy, too. So, bye!

Hope all you Canadian peeps had a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!