That time I got completely surprised

First, thanks to everyone for your nice comments on my last post. Everyone is hanging in there!

It’s been super busy over the last couple of weeks so I figure it is time for..


Just kidding, it’s random list time. But I have that song in my head.

Okay, let’s do it! (In no particular order. I’m all over the place, actually).

1. I got into SeaWheeze 2015!!!!!!! It sold out in 18 minutes apparently. (WHAT?)


2. Last week was my birthday week which resulted in a week of poor choices. Or excellent choices, depending on how you look at it.


3. Ever since I tried it at Heirloom in Vancouver, I CANNOT STOP eating avocado toast. Cannot stop. It hits the same spot as grilled cheese without being grilled cheese. SERIOUSLY.


Side story: When Josh was little he thought it was called “GIRL cheese” instead of “GRILLED cheese” and he thought they were just for girls.  He kept telling himself he had better stop eating them soon or someone was going to make fun of him…but they were just so tasty. HAHAH poor baby Josh.

4. My baby niece Ayla is turning ONE tomorrow!!!! It was so nice of her to take the time out of her busy day on Friday to make this for me.


5. My birthday continued…


6. …and continued.

So for my birthday dinner (the one on my ACTUAL birthday– Friday the 12th) we went to The Keg and I got all of my favourite things…pecan goat cheese sirloin! Billy Minor Pie! Twice baked potato!



….sorry if you thought I was vegan. #woops.

7. I just did a tempo run and ew.


8. On Saturday morning I went for a lovely lunch with some of my most favourite people (internet friends, obviously). Christina, Ang, Jess and I met up at Rawlicious Kitchener for some eats.



These tacos were delicious but they were $16 and kept me full for approx. 20 mins…so there’s that.

We chatted for a few hours and then parted ways for the weekend….or so I thought.

9. The next time I saw these ladies, it went like this:

(Video cred to Christina!)

Hahah!! My friend Claire had SOOO sneakily planned a surprise party for me and invited these ladies and my sisters over to her house for the big surprise.  I was sooooo completely confused as to what was going on.

I had SO MUCH FUN. I can’t believe what amazing friends I have made over the last couple years– especially considering most of them are from the internet, HAH. So thankful. Warm fuzzies for days. Legit.

10. Naturally, Claire, Christina, and I took the opportunity to bust out our matching hoodies for a photo shoot.


We are adorable.

I think this sums up the past week!

Talk soon!






  1. Sea wheeze sounds awesome! Happy belated birthday!

  2. That was adorable!! I totally used to think it was “girl cheese” too…I would get furious at the boys whom I was babysat with when they would eat it!

  3. Hope you had the best birthday!!!! Such amazing food choices!!

  4. I NEED that checkered jacket! Is it new at Lululemon??

    • Yes! I saw it online around 5am a couple weeks ago and then I went to work to show my friend and it was already sold out! Christina saved the day and went straight to the mall and found three! Adorbs!

  5. I just died at all of this.

    Good food choices all around…except the steak. Don’t think I could do that. A+ for everything else you ate during your birthday week though.

    Josh. I can’t even. Girl cheese. Dead.

    $16 air tacos though. Whyyyyy. Get some tempeh up in there, Rawlicious! WTH.

    YAYYYYY SeaWheeze!!!!!!! Can’t wait to go and buy matching jackets and force you to wear it out at night with me so we look like complete idiots. WOOHOO!!

    P.S. Surprising you was the best ever. Ever ever.

  6. So upset I missed this surprise.
    Avocado toast has been my jam since I was a wee latino kid and other kids would be like “ew you’re eating green stuff” and now I’m like *hair flip* – because it obviously rules.
    Also, your niece is 1? When was that allowed?


  7. What an awesome surprise!! And congrats on getting into SeaWheeze again! WOOHOO!

  8. oh. i love surprises. hope i can get a surprise party too . congrats to you 🙂