We ran, we climbed, we ate. And ate.

Not surprisingly, we ate a ton of amazing food in Vancouver.  Most of our days revolved around eating, in fact! Angela, the camera wizard, hooked me up with lots of beautiful food pics! (The best ones are hers!)

After the race, we kicked things off with lunch at a little vegetarian place called The Naam. A client at work at recommended this to me, and some of the girls had tried it previously, so we decided to give it a go!


I had a veggie burger with guacamole on top. It was tasty enough, but not the best in terms of veggie burgers. Kind of a let down after the big post-race meal build up, but we made up for it later!


After we left The Naam, we decided to check out the Granville Market! Angela needed some of her much coveted salmon maple bites (you’ll have to ask her), and the rest of us need a sugar rush.


There was a cute wooden boat festival going on, but I was more interested in my gelato. Obviously.



For our post-race dinner, Vega invited us to Heirloom for am amazing post-race, pre-Sunset Festival, blogger meet-up. It was SO FUN! Everyone was so friendly, and I loved chatting with everyone. Heirloom turned out to be our favourite restaurant, and we went three times in four days! I don’t know where our priorities were on that fourth day…




All from Heirloom, except the chicken and crispy mashed potatoes– that was from Joey on Burrard!

The day after the race, like a bunch of crazy people, we decided to do the Grouse Grind, also known as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster” (2,830 stairs to be exact). It wasn’t quite as painful as I had expected, it was actually really fun! I think it may have helped to offset the race day DOMS, in fact.



We took lots of breaks for selfies and water, and it made for a lovely morning activity!

Monday was my last day, but we managed to make it another awesome one!  Later in the morning, Christina, Angela and I made our way to the Vega head office for a tour and lunch. Their kitchen is awesome with a HUGE salad bar. I had been talking about beets all weekend, so I was really excited when we arrived to find some freshly roasted beets! Win!




We finished off the day with a little farewell dinner for my friend Brandy and I, just before we left to catch our flights!  Krysten and Ale were able to join us as well which made it even more fun!


After dinner, Brandy and I sadly made our way to the airport to catch our planes, after which I made it home just in time to be at work for 9am…yeah. That was not my best idea!

Even though it was only 4 days, I left Vancouver feeling totally refreshed and restored. Spending time with kind and inspiring people, such as these ladies, has such a positive impact on my mood and outlook. I am so lucky to call these ladies my friends!

And now, it’s back to reality. The mountain-free world of making my own food, running alone, and peeing my pants in laughter far less often than I would like. Sigh.

Until next year, SeaWheeze!




  1. Your ring in that burger pic though.
    I’m sad.
    Total depression today.
    Miss yo face.
    I wanna pee my pants ALL THE TIME.

    • Hahah BLING BLING.

      I know, so sad. It’s already been a week since we spent all our money! We shall pee our pants again soon enough!

  2. All. that. food. SO freaking good. And I seriously miss all of our laughing, especially the goat videos. We might have to get together for a girl’s night just so that we can re-live some of the memories… I definitely can’t wait until next year! On a side note, I need to figure out a way to get the salmon nuggets over here… 😉 One of these days, I’m going to trick you into trying one!


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