Marathon Monday: jumpin’ on the wagon

For a while I have been wanting to jump on Christina’s Marathon Monday train, but Monday’s are usually a bit packed so it never makes the to do list. But TODAY IS THE DAY!


So last week was weird because I wasn’t able to run on the weekend, and my shins were a bit inflamed, so my hill work got CUT! I managed this baby bit of training:

Monday: Attempt for a 9k with 6 at tempo, but the heat destroyed me and my sad lungs. 5k with 3 at tempo was all I could manage instead. I had been on such a roll, I was kinda due for a bad tempo run.

Tuesday: 2k run to gym, upper body circuit, 2k run home

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 19k long run (5:33/km pace). I didn’t work until 11am, so I was able to get this done before work!


Friday/Sat/Sun: OFF TO the BOATTTT. 


I think Lemon and Winslow were happy to be on a mini boat vacation after their OH SO TRAUMATIC check-up experience at the vet on Thursday evening.



Well in actuality, Winslow thought it was the most fun ever (thermometer in the butt aside), but Lemon thought everyone was the worst and wanted to blast out of there as soon as possible.

Anyway! I ended up taking today off training as well, and decided to go phone shopping after work since my iPhone can’t hold a charge for more than two freaking hours. Drives me nuts. I didn’t get a new one yet, but I think I have it narrowed down to a couple of Androids. Any advice is welcome! #firstworldproblems

Happy Monday!