The most important lifejacket feature

We had a super busy/fun weekend! Friday after work we headed out to Rib and Beer Fest where Josh and I shared a pulled pork sandwich, some corn bread, and a bloomin’ onion (not pictured because we likely blacked out and ate the entire thing in 43.2 seconds).


We headed home pretty early and ran a couple errands before hitting the hay relatively early. Josh got up around 6am to golf, and I got up to do my long run (17k) before the busy day got started. Unfortunately my long run was the host of a wee bit of unwelcome shin pain.  It was dull, but it lasted about 7k…which is 7k too many if you ask me.  Turns out I don’t get to do any hill repeats this week after all. Sad face. I also had the worst tempo run yet last night. It was just way too hot and humid, and my sad little asthmatic lungs just weren’t having it. Oh well…just keep swimming.  This week’s long run (19k) has to happen on Thursday morning before work, since I can’t run this weekend (I’ll be on a boat). Eeeek. That should interesting.

So in preparation for this coming boat weekend, we had to pick up a second lifejacket for Winslow, since he is a little fishy and needs his own. It took a while, but we finally found the perfect lifejacket that had the most important feature of any lifejacket.


More important than buoyancy? Maybe.

Okay I don’t actually drink beer, but I think it is hilarious.

My Mum thinks it is cruel, but I have to disagree. We will call it repayment for this little incident over the weekend:


Thanks Winslow, I didn’t want that MAC pencil anyway.

Good thing he has that face, AM I RIGHT?


Hope your week is off to a great start!





  1. Ha ha ha ha…a life jacket with a bottle opener?!? GENIUS if you ask me. that way you can float AND drink your beer at the same time. Win win.
    Um yeah, it would be hard to be mad at that face. He’s too cute.

  2. THAT GUILTY FACE!! So darn cute!