I hadn’t planned to do weekly posts the last couple of weeks but that just seems to be how it is panning out!  I’m not putting pressure on myself to blog and just posting when I feel like it.

Last weekend was Claire’s wedding, like I mentioned, and we had a freaking blasty blast. Here is a little peek of the (absolutely perfect) bride and the food. Oh my, the food.  Claire’s wedding was at the Cambridge Mill, which is the same place where Josh and I had this ballin’ meal. I did my long run (15k) in the morning before the wedding, and then I danced in heels for hours and hours which lead to some sore legs on Sunday/Monday! Good thing my tempos are on Tuesdays!


This week’s tempo was 8k with 5k at tempo, and while it was much more challenging than the previous weeks (for a variety of reasons), I still got it done. THIS IS HOW WE GET FASTER. ……right? I sure hope so. Here is an inside view at my inner struggle:


As soon as I hit send on the first message I was like ‘YOU IDIOT, GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME.’ For me, as soon as I tell myself it’s too hard…it’s too hard. I HAVE to fake it until I make it. It works in races, and tempos are no different, they might be harder actually. But as soon as I said “it’s okay, I can do it,” I was like YEAH. Yeah I CAN do it. Done!

My tempo splits continue to be below what Phaedra prescribed, so I think we are in okay shape, as long as nothing starts hurting. Splits for this week’s tempo: Warm up (2k): 5:35, 5:44. Tempo (5k): 4:35, 4:40, 4:39, 4:39, 4:44. Cool down (1k), 5:02. I asked Phaedra if I win some hill work if I make it through this plan with no pain, and she said I just might!  We figure SeaWheeze isn’t flat seeing as it’s in Vancouver and all…hahah, I wish it was!

This weekend is the best summer weekend of all aka. RIBFEST. Pretty excited to eat myself into a smoked meat coma post long-run. YES.

Happy almost Friday!!