This week’s food addiction + LYFT Clean Caffeine Review

So like I mentioned in my last post, I made a giant batch of Fresh tempeh.  I have never made tempeh for myself before, but I don’t know why? I’m not a vegetarian, but for some reason I just freaking love tempeh. I love it. It’s been tempeh all day and all night, all week! Not upset. I bought a block of plain tempeh at my local health food store (three packs, actually), and I went to work with my little Fresh Cookbook in hand. If you’re not sure what tempeh is, it’s similar to tofu in that it is a soy product, but it is less processed and contains more protein and fiber than tofu. I actually MUCH prefer the texture. I actually won’t eat tofu at all.


I’ve basically been eating this salad non-stop. Sorry the picture isn’t very pretty– I had 30 minutes at lunch to make the dressing from scratch, put the salad together, eat it, and entertain my dogs. NOT EASY.



Fresh’s “Green” dressing. If you don’t like cilantro you will toss your cookies over this bad boy.

Did someone say TEMPEH SANDWICH?  …just me eh?  I threw it on some ezekiel bread with jalapeno hummus and lettuce, and it was the Pickles count as a vegetable, right? Right.


In other news, I was given the opportunity (through FitApproach) to review this new product called LYFT: Clean Caffeine. I am not a coffee drinker, so I was REALLY excited to use this product, because, well, everyone needs a boost some mornings (or afternoons…at 3pm…when all you want is a DQ Blizzard…). While I do drink a lot of flavoured tea, most of my favourite flavours are caffeine free. Basically, LYFT is a stir stick that is filled with Green Coffee Bean Extract. It comes in compact packaging that you can take anywhere, and it mixes into anything. I chose to mix it into David’s Tea “Goji Pop” flavour.

lyftYou just peel the plastic off the stir stick, and go! You stir for about 10 seconds and then throw it away. The package says that is has the caffiene equivalent of a “tall” coffee. I made sure I chose a caffeine free tea, and I used it on a day when I was SUPER SLEEPY to see if it really worked. And it worked like a freaking charm. I can honestly say that I love the product and I could 100% see myself using this on a regular basis. It had no taste and no weird texture, either. While I think it is too expensive to use daily, (2 sticks for $5.99, 6 sticks for $15,99, 24 sticks for $49.99), it is something I would certainly keep on hand for “emergency situations.” The packaging is pretty extravagant, so maybe LYFT could work on making it a little less fancy for a cheaper price point.

All in all, I loved the idea of the LYFT stick and it certainly helped me the way I needed it to! I would love to keep using it! Right now I think the only place you can purchase it is on their website.


Anyway, I am going to go back to convincing myself not to eat a blizzard.


Do you have a coffee alternative? Everyone is so shocked when I say I don’t drink coffee, I always tell them I’m “high on life” hahah.








  1. HOLLA.

    Okay so maybe I should try making the Fresh tempeh too. It’s not that hard is it??? Tempeh > tofu for me too so I really need to get on this. I should also start making interesting salad dressings. I NEVER eat salads because I don’t have a good dressing recipe.

    Hmmm I’m not huge on coffee either. Just fancy lattes that have about 400 calories. The only thing I use to give me a boost is Vega’s sugar-free energizer. Seriously could not live without that stuff. I drink it all day and sometimes spend hours staring at the ceiling at night because I can’t fall asleep. Like right now.

    Okay….Ima go dream about a DQ blizzard now. BYE.

    • Danielle says:

      You gotta do it!! It’s SO EASY. After I made it I legit said to Josh “I don’t know why Christina doesn’t live off this shizz???” The dressing was super easy too! Totally key to me being convinced to eat a salad.

      I love the Vega sugar free energizer! But I ran out of it though so haven’t used it in a few months.


      Well…in my head all day anyway. Tear.

  2. Tempeh all day. I grill mine on the bbq and pretend it’s meaty. MMM.
    I actually own that cookbook and haven’t done a damn thing with it. Cookbooks are for kitchen pretty only, right?