Takin’ it back.


Thanks so much for all of the warm welcome back messages! I think it is time to take it back to old school Dan posts and give you a life update in the form of a list. I MISSED THESE. Takin’ it way back to January ’14. These are in order of my thoughts, which means in no sensible order at all.

Here we go!

1. I registered for my very first SeaWheeze!  I can’t even think about it because I get so excited I feel like I am going to explode.


2. I found this saved on my phone and couldn’t not show it to you. I think I should make Harry Potter humour a regular thing. (ALE, I KNOW YOU’RE WITH ME).


You’re welcome.

3. This is a real place and I went there. I went to Jurassic Park.





Okay, just kidding, it wasn’t Jurassic Park. It was the Azores, Portugal. Specifically, Sao Miguel island.


A magical place where 1L of wine is 89 cents.


And cows are the new squirrel.

4. I got a super authentic, one of a kind souvenir. Check it out.



5.  I bought my children a pool! (See Instagram for video!)


6. I PR’d at the Toronto Yonge Street 10k on April 13!  Only by 21 seconds (47:51), but I will take it! I basically took the winter off, and have been battling shin splints ever since I picked my mileage back up in March. Not cool. (Note to self: If you don’t suck up the winter torture, you get spring torture instead). Phaedra is still coaching me, which is the best. This time around we are working on a sub 1:45 half! (Oh it’s happening).


7. I am on glasses day 6 because I am a toddler and I have PINK EYE in BOTH EYES. I am five. Glasses and running don’t mix. Especially in the heat. I need a mini squeegee for the fog.


8. I got a new camera with two lenses! (The white one is mine, black is Josh’s). It’s the Nikon S1, it’s mirrorless. Whatever that means. Who wants to teach me how to use it? Maybe at some point in the near future my picture quality will improve! (…don’t hold your breath.)


9. Oh what’s that? You want some more Harry Potter humour?  You don’t have to tell me twice.


I think that about sums up the last 4 months. YOU WITH ME?

Okay, great!

Back on track!

Do your dogs have a pool too?

Give me your best HP jokes.





  1. I love your list posts. They make me all kinds of happy.
    I’m not into Harry but I sure do love that BAD shirt! WANT. Except that really wouldn’t work with out “stop eating like an idiot” goal, right? …

    • Danielle says:

      I think I am going to add “most of the time” to the end of that goal. Just stop eating like an idiot “most of the time.” So as long as I don’t eat like an idiot 51% of the time I am in good shape. RIGHT?

      hahaha kidding. …mostly.

  2. Corinne says:

    Yo’ momma so fat she tried to eat cornelius fudge

    It’s the best I’ve got 🙂

  3. I’m just catching up and yes, I snort laughed at the Malfoy joke.
    Want a side of super-cheese? Totally missed your blogs.



    • Danielle says:

      How could it get more weird? We’re best friends on the internet only, remember? LOVE YOU BYE