Jurassic Park


I am so excited. I have been Googling all things running related for the last two hours. GO AWAY WORK WEEK.

We just got home from a super busy weekend with the fam. My family and I threw my sister a baby shower last night. My sister and bro-in-law kept the baby’s sex a surprise, so we decided to throw the shower after the baby arrived. It also was an easy way for my sister to have everyone come and meet the baby. We didn’t do the typical baby shower– no games, no pink decorations, no awkward gift opening.  We rented the party room in Jess’ condo, invited boys an girls, bought lots of beer and wine, and Josh smoked pulled pork for a solid 13 hours leading up to it. WAY MORE FUN, AM I RIGHT?

We had a super lazy day today after a late night, but we did manage to squeeze in a trip to Target. Turns out pet Halloween costumes are on sale for $2-$3. Worst thing to happen to Lemon since cold laundry out of the dryer.

We refer to her as a pony (a “shiny pony” to be exact) ALL the time, so this was particularly appropriate.

Since costumes were so cheap, I picked up TWO of the next little number, not really sure why. I had my fur baby niece, Zola, in mind. When we got home, I had a far, far better idea.


I am such a bully. This is the extent of our Halloween celebrations, because I instruct on Halloween night. Who am I kidding, it’s mostly because I am old and boring.

Do you torture dress up your dog on Halloween too?

Do you have any favourite race week rituals?






  1. LEMON is SOOO cute with that riding costume. love it! My birds would draw blood before they let me put anything on them :S

    Not raced enough to have rituals, but hopefully one day I will 🙂 Good luck for the race!

    • Hahah that was the only moment she wore it! Not even on actual Halloween. Thank you for the luck! It helped I am sure!!

  2. I love dressing my dog up! He has been a halloweiner, a rufferee, and my cousin’s dog was a prisoner. Too cute and good luck with the race!

  3. LOVE LEMON! So excited for Race Weekend!! Hope I get to see you this weekend!!

  4. I die.

    P is a hotdog this year! YUMMMMMMM. He hates it.
    I don’t even know WHAT to do this week. I’m a bag of nerves!!!

  5. When I saw this picture on instagram, you know I died a little.
    Her wee little face wants to know why- why this, why her?
    PS- Congrats on your PB chicky chick hey!