Some races and stuff


Blogging. It’s this new thing I am going to try.

Two fun running things that have gone down recently:

1) Color Me Rad

Yes, I am probably one of the last people on the planet to do one of these runs. It was pretty fun! It’s nice that it wasn’t timed and there were people of ALL fitness levels participating. My only gripe with the race was there there just isn’t enough colour bombing to go around! We legit stopped at each station and waited to get bombed, or we made snow angels in the powder on the ground, or we threw our own bombs at each other, hahah. But overall, it was a really fun day and I would totally do it again.

2) Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon!

This went down just yesterday! My goal race is the Hamilton Road2Hope Half Marathon where I am freaking DYING to run a sub 1:50 half. So yesterday’s race was for fun, and I was under strict instructions from coach Phaedra to chill the eff out until kilometer 12-14.

The race FLEW BY and I don’t really remember much other than:

a) I successfully focused REALLY HARD on taking very deep breaths to avoid getting cramps (I’ve been getting them a ton lately) and it WORKED LIKE A CHARM.

b) Right before 10k I spotted Phaedra’s amazing fro FLYING towards me on her way to her freaking 1:27:10 FINISH! WHAT THE? So amazing! When I spotted her I yelled and double hand waved like in idiot out of excitement. That’s probably why she ran so fast. AM I RIGHT?

I tried my best to listen to Phaedra’s rules and I still managed to PR with an official chip time of 1:54:32! I also finished really strong and certainly had more gas in the tank. I am really really excited for Hamilton!

However, I must mention my STUPID IDIOT GARMIN. It apparently timed out at some point for the second year in a row. I started my watch early, and stopped it late, and it said this:

It’s not a big deal, other than I was pretty excited to see a :53 (1:53:28 to be exact) and then SportStats said otherwise. It’s weird though because I checked the splits on my watch and all seem normal. Last time this happened, it had clocked one of my laps at something ridiculous, like 2 minutes, so I knew that was when it had timed out. This time, I have no explanation, everything looks normal. Phaedra’s Garmin clocked the exact same distance as mine (20.85k), and her timing was dead on. WHAT GIVES? I want to say SportStats screwed up, but I just don’t know if that is a possible thing. Oh well, doesn’t really matter. This was still about 3 minutes faster than my time on this course last year, so that is good news. Now I have two weeks to recover these tight calves and DO IT AGAIN, but BETTER.

Did you race this weekend?

Have you ever had Garmin timing troubles in a race?







  1. That PR is gonna be yours at Hamilton! I just know it! See you there!!

  2. Garmin troubles YES! SO I did the Nike SF half last year and my watch was not thrilled with the thousands of other people trying to locate a satellite as well.

  3. HEEEEE FREAKING HAWWW!! 😀 I’m SO glad you had a great race. I’m really happy to hear you had fuel left in the tank! you’re totally going to rock it in Hamilton. I think my Garmin lost it’s signal when I ran under the underpass near Skydome and the bridge at Bay. That’s the only explanation I have. It happens from time to time. I had that happen at Around the Bay this year. It’s annoying.

  4. Weeee!! So proud of you! I’m pumped for Hamilton and want to try and run it with you! Since I have like…zero training behind me…I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up. I will try my best though. I’d love to run a sub 1:50 with you! Garmins are asshole, BTW. My second one died so I just bought a new one. So annoyed. CONGRATS AGAIN> I MISS YOUR PRETTY FACE.

    • You can totally keep up! You + me = superheros. It’s like we combine and turn into a transformer hahahah

  5. Congrats on a great race and no cramps! I ran the half yesterday too (my first one!) Wow. It was amazing. I loved seeing Toronto in that way.

  6. Great run, girl! I’m running Hamilton as well – it’s the PERFECT course for that PR!!
    Ps. A lot of people were saying their Garmins (including mine) blanked out around 19km..might have to do with running under all those bridges/overpasses?? So weird.

  7. Hooray! You’re back 🙂 Love that photo of you after the marathon – congratulations on finishing it, AND PRing it!!!!!

    • YAY, I’m back! Aw thanks on both counts!

      • You probably have no idea how regularly I checked your site, somehow distrusting my email to give me a notification when you blogged next! Hope you’re feeling a bit less stressed now that you know how strong your running is, and that your marathon goes amazingly well. x

  8. Yay I missed you!
    So happy for your PR finish too- what a champion!
    I’m really hoping I can do all these fun races next year. I’m training and I don’t like it while I’m doing it, but I’m doing it!


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