Bean Burritos

Well hello there!

First, let’s get the depressing stuff out of the way. I miss blogging so much. I am entirely disconnected from everyone and it is so sad. Basically every bit of my spare time goes to workouts, which I figure are more important than blogging about those workouts…that I wouldn’t actually be able to do if I were blogging/social media perusing as much as I would like.

Truth is, even my training is sacrificing huge. I just can’t seem to find the balance. I am run down and struggling to make it all work while staying positive. I find myself constantly looking forward, and I hate that. I’m always thinking just one more workout, one more class to teach, just one more shift. I’m always just wishing things away. I try very hard to be mindful, but when your body is so drained of energy, it becomes very difficult. I don’t want to give up any more of my commitments at this time, so I hope I figure it out.

ANYWAY. I said I would post an update about my state-side shopping. I’m nipping that in the bud. Picture lots of J.Crew and Sephora and you get the gist.

The other update I talked about however…is the cutest little update in the history of blog updates.

I’M KIDDING, don’t get so offended.

Seriously, why do Grandmas get so defensive like “my grand baby is 1000x cuter than any other baby you know.” Seriously this woman at work today was getting annoyed when I was talking about my niece…and her Grandson hasn’t even been born yet. SETTLE DOWN.

But really, I’m not kidding.


Meet my sister’s little bundle of joy, Ayla Grace! Born September 17th at 1:34am weighing a teeny tiny 6lbs, 13oz.

Seriously she is this tiny:

She is just the best. Did you know miniature human clothes cost like nothing? You can buy entire outfits for $20? Yeah. My sisters and I lost control a little bit.


Can you deal? No? Me either. We called her Bean the whole time she was in womb and she continues to be bean. And when my sister swaddles her she is a bean burrito. HAH sorry, no recipe in this post, just this little beanita.

I’m not really a baby person, but it is so different when you hold a baby that is kind of part of you. The love is instant and unconditional and I just can’t wait to watch her grow. She lights up everyone’s faces, just by sleeping and crying for boobs. Champ status or what?

Lemon met Ayla for the first time on Sunday and it was hilarious. She just kept poking at her with her nose and giving her kisses. She didn’t quite understand what Ayla was. A HUMAN, LEMON, A HUMAN. I’m just starting to understand that myself.

Now tell me…

How do you find balance in a world of NO TIME?

What is the best place to buy baby clothes? HAHAH.







  1. Stateside, the best baby clothes come from Target!!! OMG! I have a 5mo old daughter and I find excuses to go to Target every week to check what they have on clearance. Sometimes pants, shorts, skirts, onesies, are as little at $1.50!!! It’s insane! I like to pick up stuff in the size I think she’ll be for the next year (meaning I have too many 12mo swim suits for her, they are too cute)!

  2. I agree with Shelby – target is great for kids clothes. Cotton on in Australia is also really good – not sure if you have that there?

    It can be really hard balancing everything. I wish I had a true and tried solution – because I need one myself! But I don’t. Let me know if you work anything out.

  3. Girl, I know EXACTLY what you mean about no time! Ugh, it’s like one day you have everything in balance and then BAM out of what seems like no where you’re unraveling! 🙁 Balance is tough, but I know we can both get back on track!!! BTW, your niece is absolutely precious!!!!!