Let’s pretend I’m speedy


I have SO MANY things to tell you.

We shall start with the birthday festivities I talked about!

Saturday morning (jeez that was so long ago now) I got up early and tried to prepare for the 8k trail race. I realized in that moment that there is nothing to do to prepare for an 8k race. You don’t need to eat 1000 carbs. You don’t need to fill your CamelBak with water or Nuun. You don’t need to pack your gels or salt caps. You don’t need to make a sweet 3 or 4 hour playlist. All you need to do is get dressed and put your shoes on. WHAT THE HECK? So uneventful.

We made our way to the race around 8:45am, so I could get my race kit and get warmed up before the 9:30am start. The race started like high school cross country. It was a bunch of people spread out in a field, and then we had to funnel into the trail. I have run trails twice in my life. The first time was when I did this race last year, and the second time was when I did this race on Sunday. HAH, who do I think I am?

This is literally the ONLY picture Josh got of me without his thumb in the middle. I have no idea what I am doing. Go with it.

The course was different than last year, they moved the location all together. I have basically zero concept of trail race pace in relation to road race pace, so I basically just started running at a pace that felt comfortable on the uphills, and prepared to pick up the speed in the second half. The race was two, 4k loops. The first 4k felt like 20k, because I was getting around people, and getting used to the ups and downs, tree roots, mud, and water all over the place. Generally it was an awesome race course, just not what I am used to, obviously. Loop #2 felt like 1k, it went by so fast. I had big plans for that last kilometre to basically run as fast as I could without tossing my cookies. Unfortunately, a WICKED ab cramp kicked in immediately when I picked up the pace. I ran the last 1k pinching my abs on the spot that hurt. Boo. Also my Garmin blew it and clocked the race course as 8.5km thus throwing my pacing WAY OFF.


I saw Josh at the finish line and he was pretty sure I was one of the first few women to come in, and definitely one of the first in my age group. My official time was 45 minutes dead on, which was over a minute slower than last year, but like I said, it was a different (much harder) course. I was actually expecting a much better time this year, because last year I remember the heat really giving me a hard time, and this year was nice and cool. No such luck. Good news is, I ran a negative split. I love when I do that.

So we moseyed on over to the food tent to scope things out and wait for results. I found the most beautiful post-race rainbow of all time.

  Race directors, you need to take a page out of this race director’s book.

Small races always have superior food. The Hamilton Road2Hope (which was in November) last year had cups of hot soup at the end. GENIUS MUCH?

ANYWAY, I ate some snacks and then sauntered over to the wall where the times were posted. I scanned for my name and BAM there it was. I was 2nd in the 20-29 age group, 12th overall woman and 42nd runner out of 150. NOT TOO SHABBBY! I tried not to get too excited, because last year I started in 3rd and got bumped to 5th after the other runners finished. I waited for fresh results to be posted, and DOUBLE BAM. I was still there.

I was so excited to pretend I was speedy. But really my favourite part was that I won so much free stuff.

In total, I received 2 bags, 2 t-shirts, arm warmers, 2 water bottles, a flashlight, a lanyard, a hat and a 3 month gym membership. Weeeee.

Post-race I grabbed a recovery shake at Thrive Juice Bar, and then Josh and I headed to the states for some shopping! Which will bring me to update #2…hopefully sooner rather than later.

Update #3 is gonna be the best though.


Did you squeal like I did when you first saw this picture?  ….no, eh? Strange.

How are your trail race vs. road race times?





  1. Awesome – great job. That’s alot of awesome swag that you won!!! The smaller races are nice for that…I think they give way more stuff away!

    I promise, if you put her and Lemon together, I will DIE of the cute. I can’t. I’m done.

  3. Ahhhhh!! she’s gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

    45 mins for 8 k IS speedy for me, even without the hills! Go you 🙂 Well done!