Can’t even WAIT.

LOOK AT ME! Back already!

I write to you from the couch where I am doing NOTHING. I obviously have 100 things to do but nothing managed to top the list for this afternoon.

This weekend was pretty fun, but still nice and relaxing. Saturday morning I was supposed to go for a long run with some coworkers, like I said, but the weather wasn’t looking so hot, and I am now a wuss apparently, so we decided to postpone. Instead of running, shopping seemed like the obvious choice as far as high priorities go on the ole’ task list, so that’s what my new running bud and I did! We hit up Sephora where I made her buy 100 things and I bought these:

Okay so that last one was FREE because it was my birthday gift from Sephora! It was awesome actually, because I had picked up that mini Benefit mascara to purchase because I wanted to try it, but I didn’t want to pay for the full size in case it wasn’t great. But THEN, it ended up being the free birthday gift! What a lovely surprise. The other two products are an attempt to deal with my always oily, super annoying skin. The HD powder is amazing, I already know that, but the philosophy primer will be new to me. I’ve heard some good things about it on the 1000 YouTube beauty videos I used to be able to watch daily, hah.

Last night Josh had a party/poker night, but I wasn’t really in a partying kind of mood, so I watched Mean Girls on the couch and went to bed at midnight, hahah. Nerd alert. Then today I did my long slow run, and it was delightful. I didn’t feel like doing it at all when I woke up, but the weather was basically running perfection, so I sucked it and and ended up loving it and smiling like an idiot the whole run. I love when that happens.

I texted Phaedra mid-run to double check what my long run pace should be. She said 5:45-6:00/km. NAILED IT OR WHAT?

I spent the rest of my afternoon planning my birthday activities! I turn 100 on Thursday, so next weekend I am going to do my two favourite things. 1) Race and  2) Shop. HAH. I registered for a local trail race, which I did last year and loved. Last year it was an 8k race, but this year there was the option of 4k, 8k or 12k. I decided to stick with the 8k so that I can try and improve last year’s time (even though it’s a new course), and so I can be done earlier in the morning. I booked us a hotel in Buffalo, NY for some outlet shopping for the rest of the weekend! I can’t even wait. I’m going to buy all the things, including all the groceries. Hopefully I feel better post race this year than I did last year. EEK.

Hope you had a great weekend, too!

What is your favourite birthday activity?







  1. Racing sounds like a pretty good Birthday to me!

  2. Brunch, shopping, afternoon nap, movies with snacks and friends, dinner out – perfect birthday with me. Is it wierd that I thought of the snacks I’d want to have before the friends? haha

    Happy early birthday!

  3. Happy (early) Birthday! I’ve been doing a triathlon to celebrate my birthday for the past few years because when you’re done, you can eat all the cake you want and not feel bad 🙂

  4. I totally did a race for my 21st birthday and have to say, it was the best way to spend my day! My way 🙂 I think a race, maybe a pedicure and then some time with friends and family would be nice.

    • Sounds delightful! I sure could use a pedicure right now but don’t want to subject a poor person to my dirty runner feet hahah

  5. All of this made me laugh my bum off. High fives to your newly primered face- and yes, that shit is the business.
    Where is this Mudpuppy racing? Mudpuppy sounds like fun.
    I think I just like saying Mudpuppy.


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