Just keep swimming

SORRY ABOUT MY LIFE. Not that anyone cares about my lack of blogging other than me, hah.

When you ask Dan when she blogged last:

When you ask Dan when she will blog next:



Okay I will talk to you first.

Training update: I managed a legit tempo run this week at the right pace! BUT…I am not getting all my runs in. Next week might turn things around for me…some spare time may appear! We will see. I am going for my 16k long run tomorrow, which is exciting! It is especially exciting since it is starting to cool down, which means I can start to speed up. I am running to my coworkers house (5.5k), we are going to run 5-6k together and then I am going to run home. WOOP. We may also pick another coworker up on the same street, haha. It’s pretty neat working with like minded people.

One day I ran in shorts. And I liked it.

I’ve also managed to hit up the gym a few times and hot damn, I missed it. Since I am so short on time, I have been doing full body workouts instead of a body part split. It’s so weird for me to have every muscle group hurt so bad all at one time, hahah.


Even though I feel like I am entirely disconnected from the blog world, I did manage to have an awesome dinner date recently with Devon from Health in Equilibrium. We went to a vegetarian/vegan place in Guelph, I had a rice bowl with tempeh and peanut sauce. Noms.

Also, look how cute my fam is.

We threw Cole into the pool right after this, FYI.

Zola touching her future sibling…cuteness overload, I know.

ALSO #2, my sister Nat completed her first triathlon last weekend and it was freaking amazing. She wasn’t feeling great, let’s just say her cookies wouldn’t stay down, haha. But she finished it anyway like a champ. So proud!

I hope to be back a LOT FREAKIN’ SOONER than two weeks from now. I swear I will shut up about it soon. I am annoying myself more than I am you, I swear.

Do you schedule your blogging or social media time?




  1. Hooray! Welcome back. πŸ™‚ That’s awesome you can pick up your friends along the way – breaks up the run a little, and company is always nice. I’m only new to blogging, but I tend to schedule my blog reading for mornings so that it inspires me to get up and train

  2. Ha ha ha…welcome back! I totally feel your pain. Given the unpredictability of my job, it’s pretty much impossible to schedule blogging / social media time so I do it when I have the time. Or when I think my head is going to explode from all the ideas / information floating around in my head, ha ha. Love all the pics too! πŸ˜€

  3. Well if this gives you any indication of “how well” I have been with scheduling my blogging time this week…I have 413 unread blog posts this morning….argh


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