Yes, I am alive.

Holy. Smokes.

I haven’t been this busy since my 4th year of university! Some people love to be extremely busy at all times, and sort of glorify it. But I, on the other hand, would be perfectly happy being not that busy at all. I like to be busy ENOUGH, but right now I am pushing towards straight up burnt out, and it’s not working for me.

Each day starts with either a workout or a client, followed by a regular work day, and then I teach bootcamp, and then I do e-mails, write workouts and do whatever other tasks/runs that I missed and yadda, yadda, yadda…you get it.

I am going to cut back on teaching a couple of bootcamps per week, which will make a small difference, but that won’t go into effect until early October. So BEAR WITH ME! The upside is, I am loving my new job. Everyone there is so delightful, and it’s such a nice atmosphere to work in.

As for my race training, it isn’t going so well. I am so burnt out. I went for a 6k “easy” run on Tuesday, and it felt like death. Then on Wednesday morning, I went to do my 6km tempo run (plus 4km warm up/cool down) and I was STRUGGLING. I had a small breakdown half way through and texted my wonderful coach. She told me I needed to go home. So I did. And I had a glorious 1 hour nap before work. She also me not to run again until my long run this weekend. And I was like…”YOU DON’T HAVE TO TELL ME TWICE.” My stress relief plummeted immediately. I really do have trouble sacrificing my own goals just because I am so busy using my spare time to help others with theirs…gotta figure that out. I haven’t lifted a weight in over two weeks. Maybe 3? I lost track. Depressing.

ANYWAY, last weekend, Josh’s Dad got married! We got all fancy and it was so fun! (Josh was the best man, so he got extra fancy).

Suzanne, the beautiful bride!

Theo and Ruby up there, the ring bearer and the flower girl. Cutest. Ever. (Especially because Theo LOVED Ruby and can’t say the letter “R” so he was like “where’s WOOOOBEEEE!!” Died.

So pretty!

The wedding ceremony was lakeside, and it was the most perfect weather we have had in Ontario in weeks and weeks. I was so happy for them! It was a beautiful day.

We left home right after work tonight, we are visiting our families over the next couple of days to celebrate various birthdays! Josh and my twin sisters all celebrated birthdays this week, and Josh’s grandma is also turning 75! Josh’s Mom is throwing her a big surprise party tomorrow so that should be fun.



It’s still in the rotisserie. Come out niece or nephew, I WANNA PLAY.





  1. Yay! I like alive Danielle! I was beginning to worry… 🙂

  2. Everything about this post is the sweetest.
    Everyone looks so happy! And PRETTY.

  3. I miss you! I can’t text from here…just email or What’s App (but only when I have wifi in Corey’s condo). Just take your days one at a time and never forget about the things you need to do for yourself. You and Josh looked so amazing at the wedding. Congrats to his dad (and his new LADYYYYYY). xoxo

  4. Aww that wedding looked beautiful! I know what you mean about being busy, I usually love it but then I will hit a point where I just need my trackpants, my couch, and a movie marathon to slow things down.

    Make sure you schedule “you” time in all of the other responsibilities, so you don’t get burnt out or sick. 🙂