Boat, rhino, boat.

Okay, so, as promised, the story about where I went!

Step 1. Leave the cottage and drive 1 zillion hours (okay, just 4) to a little place called Port Loring, near North Bay, Ontario. If you’re from Ontario, you know that step 1 was already more than enough and it should have stopped here, hah!

Step 2. Get on a boat like object (aka. floating plywood and lawn chairs hahah) Throw your items into garbage bags, just in case it starts down pouring again, or in case you go overboard. Whichever. Cross lake 1.

Josh’s Dad and his fiancée!

Step 3. Dock the boat and throw all your garbage bags and extra humans into the trailer of a Rhino.

Seriously. Josh rode there with the garbage bags on the way in. Hahahah. On the way home he was a little more lucky and got to ride with Lemon and I in the back….seat? More like trunk area, hahah. I was going to post a video of this sweet ride but I am in a coffee shop currently and…ain’t nobody got time for that.

Step 4. Try to keep your butt from flying 2 feet in the air while flying through the woods for 6km, while holding Lemon in one hand, and your dear life in the other.

Step 5. Park your Rhino. Hahaha I just like to say Rhino.

Step 6. Switch to boat number 2. Time to cross yet another lake.

We arrived!

Step 7. Shut off your phone, because even if you have to call 911, it just isn’t going to happen.

Step 8. Enjoy the seclusion! Seriously. It’s so nice to be cut off from the world for a little while and surrounded by beautiful things.

When we first arrived, I was extremely freaked out. I had heard about this place before, Josh’s “family camp” is all I knew really. I didn’t really fathom how isolated it was, and how cut off you were from the world. It wasn’t that I was upset that my phone didn’t work– I actually crave days like that. But I didn’t like the fact that if there were an emergency at the camp, or an emergency back home, it would have been bad news. There was only one other cottage that I noticed on the lake and it was a good 10 minute boat ride away. But, as more people arrived on our second day, I started to feel a lot better.


There were 3 separate buildings. One was the kitchen and games area, one was full of bunk beds and washroom stalls (just like a real camp!), and one had two bedrooms with king sized beds and cozy freaking blankets. (Bet you can’t guess where you found me! hah).

The other cool thing was that there was some family history for Josh in that area. While the camp itself has only been in Josh’s family for a few years (more than a few, but I think less than 10…), Josh’s grandpa used to be part of a group of men that started a gun club on the far end of the lake, where the camp resides. Josh’s Dad has been going there since he was a kid, and he had a key to the gun club! So we got to take a tour.

The coolest thing we found inside was this!

See that stud right there with the hair just like Josh? That’s Josh’s Grandpa! Hahahaha I love it. We also found an engraving under a bunk bed, where Josh’s Dad had signed his name. It was really cool!

ANYWAY, I am sorry if that bored you to death, since it relates to health and fitness in 0 ways, but hey, YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE.

Well…now you do, I guess.

I need a nap.

Ever been somewhere entirely secluded?



p.s. There were two signs hanging in the kitchen of the camp. One said “FISH NAKED! Show off your rod!” the other said “FISH NAKED! Show off your bobbers!”  Hahahaha dying.


  1. Somedays I crave days without my phone too! But I a, losing it at those signs in the kitchen!

  2. That place is beautiful! We have some family friends who have a couple of cottages in really secluded places. One of them you have to drive to Sudbury, then take a train, then drive on some other vehicle through the woods to get to a dock, THEN take a boat. It is great to get away from it all though. No phone, no problem 🙂

  3. I must say…I enjoyed the departure (not that I don’t enjoy your usual posts) 🙂

  4. I want a rhino… I also put myself in charge of holding onto Lemon for dear life.
    Just take me to this paradise island!

  5. I wanna go here!!! PS Josh’s dad looks like a stud. I guess he’s taken now. Damn it.