You don’t even know where I was this past weekend. Good grief, I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE I WAS THIS WEEKEND. Let’s just say, it took 1 million hours of travel time that included driving, boating, ATV-ing, and more boating (on HOMEMADE BOATS) to get to an island, with a house that runs on a generator. CRAY. I will do a whole post about that later. (I even have videos!)

For now…a life update.

So this week I officially started my new full time job. It’s only been 1 day and I am already like HOW WILL I SURVIVE? That’s just because we just got home yesterday afternoon and I am behind on my training and blogging, plus I am still instructing 6-7 hours a week. You don’t even want to see my house or know what I have been eating for two days (Hint…Nanaimo bars for all. Well..more so just me). Work itself was great though!

So anyway, our remaining days at the cottage were wonderful, we even got an extra awesome weather day and got to go for a boat ride!

(Thank you, Braeden for taking my attempted PG photo and upgrading it to 14A).

I did lots of this:

And now I am super tanned like this:

I usually try and stay out of the sun, but since I have the photoshoot coming up, I decided to try and even out my brutal racer back tank-top tan. I was pretty successful! But…now the photoshoot might have to be postponed. Bah. We’ll see. My face is all white because I don’t want granny wrinkles, and I wear SPF 30 on my face ERRYDAY. Don’t worry, that’s why they make foundation and bronzer.

ALSO, I AM happy to report that for the first time since I was probably like…16 years old, I was entirely comfortable in my bikini all week long. It was like night and day compared to last year. I felt fine. Partially because I think I look better, but more so because I have learned to give zero effs. ZERO.

Next, I should report that I tortured Lemon a wee bit. Usually, she freaking loves floating around in the lake on floaties (she HATES swimming), so we decided to do this:

She then decided this was not okay, and she tried to jump from the boogie board to the dock. She missed.

Cutest little wet animal of all time? Um, obviously.



Does your dog swim?




  1. I die. That crotch in the picture.
    Lemon is adorable. Princeton HATES water. HATES. Giving him a bath is a nightmare and he will not even come close to me when I go to water the plants outside.
    Jealous of your weekend. I want in on the homemade boat.

  2. Another sunscreen lover! I wear 60 on my face everyday. I did get a ridiculous looking burn this weekend too, haha check out my blog post. I love that you feel so confident in a bikini now; that is something I still struggle with. I am hoping that this giving zero effs thing happens to me soon too. Glad you had a killer time, even if you don’t know where you were!


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