Vacation time!

Hi friends!

So Josh and I are officially on vacation! We made it up to the cottage this afternoon. As always, I packed a cooler with some clean eats to help make things a little easier. I baked a bunch of chicken breasts, chopped 1000000 veggies, cooked some brown rice, and packed my Ezekiel bread.  I also picked up some top sirloin and spicy lean turkey sausages that I can eat while everyone else eats cheese dogs! We also have a friend who is allergic to ALL nuts, including peanuts, so I had to tweak my regular eats a bit to be safe. Instead of almond milk, I picked up some coconut dream, and instead of peanut butter, I chose sunflower seed butter! I’m pretty excited about the sunflower seed butter actually, I’ve never tried it!

Overall, I don’t plan on restricting myself too much, I just want to make it easy to keep a balance, and keep my energy levels up. I have training to do! ….oh and that photoshoot…#stillindenial

I have just about finished up my fourth week of my half marathon sub-1:50 training plan with my coach, Phaedra. For this week, I just have my LSD run left, which I will do tomorrow or Sunday, depending on the weather. It’s just 11km, so no big deal! Then week 5 starts Monday! I plan on staying on track entirely with my workouts while we are up here. My luggage is filled with approximately 60% Lululemon… I also borrowed a sandbag and TRX from my BFF/lifesaver, Christina.  In return, I let her smother Lemon with snuggles.

I hope to post a couple updates throughout the week since we have internet here! Holy 2013 cottaging. Maybe I will even post some progress pictures for accountability!

What are you doing for the long weekend?





  1. Totally curious- is coconut an actual nut?
    Also, your training plans make me wanna take a nap.
    ALSO, Lemon and Christina is too much cute for one picture! Eek! My turn!

  2. I love TRX!! It is the easiest, most portable, most versatile workout equipment ever. Have a lovely time at the cottage! xoxo

  3. Omg your dog is just too cute!