Color Me Rad (+ discount code!)

So maybe I am a little bit late to the Color Me Rad party…


I have been given the awesome opportunity to be working with Color Me Rad as an ambassador for their race series! In case you are living under a rock, Color Me Rad is an untimed 5k fun run where you get pelted with “colour bombs” to make your white t-shirt a work of art. Confused? Watch this!


I will be running the Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario race on October 6th!

Want to run too?

The lovely people over at Color Me Rad have provided a discount code for all of you!

The code “radfun” will give you 20% off your registration at any Color Me Rad race in Canada or the US! The code is only valid for 48 hours, so go sign up NOW NOW NOW! In other words, the code expires on July 31st, at I have no idea what time, because of this crazy thing called time zones. So do it now and all will be fine.

Can’t wait to see some more hilarious race pics!



p.s. You should know that it pained me a GREAT DEAL to spell the word “Color” with no “u” 10000 times. It still burns.




  1. There should obviously be a Canadian version, pfft.
    Also I was just about to click the sign up button and make a trek down to Waterloo… when I realized I’ll be on airplane or something again that weekend.

  2. That’s so exciting! I’m doing The Color Run in a few weeks. I’m super pumped to see what it’s like!