Boats, hives, & a new job!


Talk about another impromptu blogging hiatus. A few unexpected things came up last week (like I got a new job!), and then before I knew it, it was Thursday night and we were packing to head up to my parents’ boat for the weekend!

Let’s take a moment to look at how cute Lemon was:

Lemon actually had a pretty rough weekend. Last summer, Lemon had three incidents where she broke out over her entire body with hives. It has been about a year, and it hadn’t happened since. Friday night, we were out on the boat overnight, basically in the middle of no where, and Lemon woke me up around 3am crying. I flashed a light on her and HOLY BANANAS she looked MANGLED. I didn’t have any Benedryl on me, but luckily I had some of her prescription allergy stuff (Atopica) from last year. It’s supposed to be a daily pill, and I don’t think it’s really meant to treat crazy reactions like that, but it tied her over until the next day when we boated back to the marina. I have been giving her Benedryl every 12 hours since, and she is still looking pretty bad. She has a big hive on her throat that makes her look like a gobblin’ turkey. Hahah, poor thing. Luckily, she already had a vet appointment booked for tomorrow to get a shot, so I can get her checked out then. So happy that I have pet insurance.

In happier news, none of my bootcamps are running this week or next week, which means we are going on vacation! Well, Josh still works this week, and I have a couple morning classes and two half days of training for a my new job, but on Friday morning we are heading up to a friend’s cottage for the whole week! Send all your clean eating prayers my way, because WHO GOES ON VACATION TWO WEEKS BEFORE A PHOTOSHOOT? Haha, whatever, keeping it real, yo.

Now, time for new job details! It is a full time job as the office manager of a local wellness centre, which specializes in taking a holistic approach to well-being. They offer personal training, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage and naturopathic medicinal services! I couldn’t be more excited. Don’t get me wrong– I love being a personal trainer, but I miss using the business savvy part of my brain! I am excited to have the opportunity to get back into the business world, in a sector that I feel so passionately about. And I get to do it all while continuing to be a trainer on the side! I am feeling very luck to have been given such a fantastic opportunity.

Congratulatory flowers from Josh 🙂

Now I leave you with this puppy picture of Lemon that my sister sent to me on the weekend.




Tiltin’ since ’08.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Have you ever spent the weekend on a boat?




  1. No boats for this girl so anytime you wanna take me…
    I think I’ll probably spend some time on boats in Trinidad though!! Wee!
    Congrats again on the new job and I hope Lemon gets better asap!!

    • Danielle says:

      YAAA I hope you do!!!

      My dad legit asked about you while we were at the boat. I was like CHRISTINA? Oh we are besties we talk almost all the days. So he will probably let you on the boat, hahahah.

  2. Corinne says:

    Congrats on the new job! and I’m tally jelly belly about the week away. Have a great time 🙂

    I just made a whole bunch of noise at my desk that sounded like “SQUEEEEEE” with other weird high pitches in between.
    I really hope she gets better soon, she’s too cute to be sick.
    Congrats on the new job! If you were closer, I’d be your #1 patient/stalker.

    PS- Wanna take me and Christina on a boat? Yeah. You do.

  4. Woohooo! Congrats on the new job!! Hey, maybe they can take a look at that foot of yours and get your sorted out?! 😀
    I have spent a few weekends on sailboats in my younger days. Lots of fun.
    I hope Lemon is feeling better…that puppy picture completely melted my heart. So freaking adorable.

  5. Wow!! That’s great!! Congrats on the new job!! 🙂 So exciting!!

  6. Ahhh congrats! How awesome!