It’s Josh Catucci

If you hadn’t noticed, when too many fun things happen, I like to turn my blog post into a list. That way, I don’t miss anything or confuse anyone. Mostly myself.

So this is what’s up.

1. My furry niece, Zola, arrived on Thursday morning and is staying all week! We take her out to do fun things and I think Lemon is realizing what real dogs do. She mostly lays about and refuses to partake in any activities that don’t take place in neutral climates.

2. Lemon is totally a spoiled rotten only child. She stood beside me on the couch and whined at me to make her a comfy spot with the blanket (true story). She didn’t act fast enough and Zola swooped in. Lemon’s face:

Lemon’s face 5 minutes later:

WTF just happened to me?

3. One more thing about dogs…I am the dog whisperer.

4.  Did some workouts. Ya know. Still wearing my glasses.

5. I have tried on 10000 dresses in the past week. Okay more like 7 or 8. I have a couple weddings this summer (one this weekend!), but I couldn’t find any dresses to suit my fancy. This one from last week was cute but it didn’t make the cut, WOMP. Sorry dress. I found one today though, wee! You’ll have to wait to see!

6. I found this hilarious t-shirt that I got when I completed my psychology degree. The shirt is a big liar actually, I have no interest in hanging out with Freud ever again.

7. I emptied out my purse. Well not really, I pulled out all the lip products from a single purse, just to see. And then I put them all back in.

I have a problem.

8. Everyone always says that Josh is the twin of John Catucci from “You Gotta Eat Here.” For my American friends, it’s essentially the Canadian equivalent of “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives”. The other night, we were watching his show, and I decided to tweet John this picture of them:

John (left), Josh (right)….cause I know you weren’t even sure. hahah

I just about died when these tweets came in just minutes later:


Annnnnnnd, that is all.

I need sleep.




  1. I still can’t get over their resemblance. Holy cow.
    I want to see the dress!!!

    • Danielle says:

      Oh I meant to text you a pic! Fail. Now my phone is on another level of the house than me. Double fail.

  2. I think you look great in your glasses! Is your headband lululemon?

    BTW You gotta eat here is one of my fave shows and they do look so much alike! hilarious!

    • Danielle says:

      Aw, thanks!

      Yes it is! It’s the Bang Buster only it was the very first one they released which was approximately 3x wider than they are now. Lululemon fail!

  3. Oh lord jesus- they’re the same person! ahaha this is the best!

  4. Hehe…..I’m famous!!!!!! (oh wait, no, JOSH is 😉 )


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