TYS10K Race Recap

It’s a week later but better late than never!

So the Tuesday before the Sunday race was the last run I did that week. Things were not feeling right, and I decided to take some rest time and just see what happened on race day…COOL.

Claire picked me up at 6am, still looking like she was in her cozy bed, and we hit the road (grabbing Kate on the way).


It was pretty chilly that morning, so we got ready inside Running Room and met up with the other ladies running that morning. Below we have Janet, moi, Kate, Claire and Christina.


After we checked our bags, Kate, Christina and I decided to go for a quick warm up. One thing I know about my obnoxious diaphragm issue, is that it’s much more tolerable if I warm up at a much slower pace than I plan to actually run at, so this was necessary! We ran to an empty Second Cup, used the facilities, and blasted back to our corral!

Christina and I weaselled our way through the corral to a place I had no business being in, hah, and I told Christina I would drop back immediately. I think she thought I was kidding….but I wasn’t, hah. I was NAATT going to try and keep up with her because I knew my insides would shut that down in a matter of moments.

I don’t really remember what went down in each kilometre, but I do remember lots of wind and feeling the tightness/soreness in my diaphragm from the beginning.  I was fighting not to allow it to blow out of control to the point where I had to stop– which happens on every run now. Thanks to some chiro and taking 4 days off, I was lucky enough not to have the severe stabbing pains.  It was however uncomfortable enough that I held back and didn’t run as fast as I wanted to, for fear of really exacerbating the problem. I crossed the finish line in 48:11, which is only 20 seconds off my PR. I was happy that I didn’t TOTALLY blow it, but I was really bummed that I didn’t PR. I had put in more mileage in the months leading up to this race than I ever have, and I know I could have pulled off a way faster time if I wasn’t feeling like I was being held prisoner by my insides! I was pretty bummed for a few days, but not every race will go my way, and that is okay.

Now these are my girls who freaking killed it. At least 4 of them hit PBs! Kate ran a 39:49…casual.


Last week I only managed ONE 6k run, obviously cut short by pain. Today I was to run 32k, but I only managed 22k before I was stopped in my tracks. I’m going to get some more treatment this week, but I only have until Thursday to decided if I am still going to attempt the Ottawa Marathon. I feel like it will be disappointing either way, so I am really torn. WHAT TO DO? Words of wisdom below would be so so welcome!

Sorry this wasn’t the most uplifting post…you win some, you lose some!






  1. Amazing work out there girl! The conditions were tough! So way to crush it!!

  2. Um, you’re a total ATHLETE and are still crushing life. Just a casual 22km in brutal pain – you’re my inspiration coach! Keep up the good work.

  3. You did amazing and to pull off a time so close to a PR in those crazy conditions (with the added pain you’ve been dealing with) is awesome. I’m proud of you and can’t wait to see you tackle Ottawa!!! You don’t know what’ll happen unless you try and I think it’ll be a great way to gage where you are at so that you can go into Scotia ready to smoke the streets of Toronto. Yes, I’m already assuming you will run Scotia.

    • Hahah! So funny because just this morning I was thinking “I think I wanna run Scotia too.”

      Why do we do these things?

      I need to survive Ottawa first!

  4. Why do bodies rebel? RUDE.

    You ran a great race because you listened to your body. 20 seconds off a PR? Seriously – considering the pain you are in, that is huge, especially in a 10 KM. Way to crush life in general.

  5. Come to the Ottawa Marathon anyway- even just for the festivities! It’s just such a great event and if anything use it as a nice casual practice run 🙂

    • Danielle says:

      Unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to make it, but yes it is the MOST fun weekend!! Maybe next year!!