Marathons for mini eggs

Hi friends!

Time for an update!

So I don’t want to jinx it or anything but everything is going really well.

I am training for my second full marathon, the Ottawa Marathon on May 24th. And nothing hurts.  If you were following me this time last year, I was training for a couple half marathons and nothing was going my way. I had shin splints, diaphragm issues, respiratory illnesses, and no fun. So far this season (KNOCK ON WOOD), my shins are fine, my diaphragm is doing significantly better, and I haven’t been sick once yet this year! I feel like I have come to understand the mileage my body can take, and it is also getting better and better at handling the abuse, HAH. Not to mention I actually managed to run all winter long (almost all outside, except for tempo runs and one 23k long run…my new dread mill record). The only minor issue I have dealt with is from some minor pain on the top of my right foot.  I have been running in the Altra Superior 1.5 (I won’t lie, I picked it only because it was the prettiest of the zero drop shoes), but my physio and I agree that they are entirely too wide for my feet and seem to be causing some funny landing patterns.


And so! I’m on the hunt for a new shoe. (If anyone is interested in these Altras, you let me know because the blue pair has never been worn! …online shopping will getcha.) Most of you know me as a minimal runner, I have run in Vibrams or the New Balance minimus for the last several years, but these rough Canadian winters encouraged me to look for something more substantial. With this, I have found that a minimal shoe doesn’t seem as important now that I have transitioned entirely from a heel strike to a mid foot strike. Everything just feels better this way, and a little extra padding seems to keep my shin splints at bay. I won’t argue with that! (Although I do miss feeling the ground right beneath my feet.)

Other things that are occupying my time in addition to running…

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 9.04.56 PM

Oh just a casual 96 days. I know that sounds like forever, but Josh and I had this big idea to plan an entire wedding weekend instead of just a wedding day. And it’s not at an actual wedding venue, it’s just some random giant house on the beach that we rented. Does it sound wonderful? Yes! Are we excited? So excited!  It’s just proving to be very time consuming. We have to think about things I never even considered having to think about. What length of linens do you want? (Pardon?) How many forks do you want to rent? Where are you going to plug in the lights? Is there enough power? How do I get a permit? How many drinks will people drink per hour? What types of drinks? Did you know people drink more white wine than red wine when it’s hot?  Will it be hot? I don’t know…

Hahah!  It’s actually really fun, just stressful at times! I try to keep reminding myself that it’s really not that serious. Which explains why I am eating so many mini eggs. Sweating for the wedding? NOT ME! Josh has lost almost 20lbs, and I am apparently trying to find it. I legit lie to Josh about my mini egg intake. IS THIS NORMAL? WHY ARE THEY SO GOOD? I CANNOT STOP. I AM ASHAMED. The struggle is so real.

In other news, Winslow continues to have zero regard for anyone’s personal space.


Poor Lemon is so tolerant.

Hope you are all having a great start to spring!





  1. Lying to Josh about your Mini Egg intake. I would do the same. I am embarrassed about my lack of control when it comes to those little eggies.

    My fav part aout this post though is that you used our photo for your Ottawa Marathon countdown.

    P.S. you can put me down for zero drinks per hour because I’m cool like that.

  2. Mini eggs are crack of the gods. Eat away. It will only give you more wedding planning power.
    I am in awe of your decision making abilities, I can barely decide what I am going to eat for breakfast, so…#impressed.

    You are rocking your training! I love my New Balance but they are not minimalist. I am a mid foot striker and they work for me.