Hamilton Road2Hope Half Marathon Recap 2014

First I just want to mention the runner who passed away at the finish line on Sunday.  Finish lines are always full of emotion, but grief is one that we would all prefer to avoid. My deepest condolences go out to the friends and family of this runner. I hope they find comfort knowing that he was doing what he loved at the time of his passing.

The Recap

Sorry for the delay!

We have been really busy this week sealing the deal on a new house! We are still just renting but the new house is BOMB and we move December 1st so things are about to get even more cray!

So this is how things went down on race week. I did a 7k interval run on Tuesday, and I noticed that things were feeling tight/sore. At the end of the day, I just decided to rest for the remainder of the week because I knew I wasn’t getting any faster at that point. I’d had a couple good tempo runs by then, and I was feeling pretty good, so I thought this was fine.

Friday night I crawled into bed at 10:15pm and I had ten glorious GLORIOUS hours of uninterrupted, alarm-clock free sleep.

Saturday we did some shopping and I got my carbo-load on all day. I’m talking chicken parm sandwiches, baked potatoes and fresh buns on fresh buns. Legit I ate a baked potato and two plain buns for dinner hahahah, I am five. I got my race outfit ready, packed my post-race bag, and I headed to bed around 11pm, which was seemingly a bad idea (I had to get up at 5am). In the end it wasn’t so bad, thanks to DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! I got a solid 7 hours of sleep thanks to that, which is PLENTY for a race night for me. I usually am too nervous/excited to sleep!

Sunday I woke up at 5am, got dressed, ate 1 piece of toast with natural PB and drank a few cups of water with a grape Nuun cap (my fave flavour). Josh and I hit the road around 6:15am and it was ICE.COLD. I met up with Christina pre-race, we took some obligatory pre race pics, we got into the start line crowd together, and then we were off! Here is what I remember:

  • Kilometre 1: There are people EVERYWHERE and I cannot move. Glad Christina convinced me to get in with the 1:35 pace bunny (even though I have no business there) just so we had less people to weave around. Christina is faster than I am, so we said good luck to each other and I let myself fall behind into a comfortable pace.
  • Kilometres 2-5: It’s was pretty flat and hella cold and windy. I was trying to warm up and getting super jacked up for the beloved downhill portion coming up soon!
  • Kilometres 5-11: The sweet, sweet, downhill. Some people don’t like this portion because it takes a toll on your quads. Last year I remember that it felt LIKE HELL to start running on flat terrain again, just because gravity was no longer on my side. I obviously picked up the pace here, but I didn’t want to go too crazy because I was expecting death upon the flat terrain. My 10k split time was 48:50 which was great because my 10k PR is 47:51 (which I plan to crush next season, clearly). I threw back an orange Vega energy gel and some water at kilometre 8. I watched this YouTube video before the race on technique for drinking while running. Hahah seriously! This was my second time running without a water pack (SeaWheeze was my first), and this time was much smoother thanks to said video. I never even had to slow down!
  • Kilometres 11-12: “Cool we’re in a trail race now!” …surprisingly didn’t wipe out.
  • Kilometres 12-14: I started  to feel like fuelling up would take more energy than I wanted to expend, so I knew it was really important at this point that I get something in me. I had a second Vega gel (raspberry) and some more water. I actually grabbed water at all but 2 stations throughout the race.
  • Kilometre 16-17: Why do I feel so good? The feeling of death has to be upon me. When will I start hating the spectators for telling me “almost there?” When will I no longer even know WTF song is playing on my own iPod?
  • Kilometer 18: Oh there’s Janet (my boss)! WOOO JANET LOOKING GOOOOOD!  …why did I have the energy for that?
  • Kilometer 19: Okay I wouldn’t be upset if I saw the finish line now.
  • Kilometre 20-21: Okay so I kinda wanna stop for a nap, but I think I am going to PR so that’s neat. Oh look there’s Jess! Wait…why is she rolling up that sign? Is she going to do what I think she’s going to do? OH YES SHE IS.

Race pictures are so flattering, are they not?

Race pictures are so flattering, are they not? This is me trying to smile and breath all at once. Jess is a champion. She has double shin stress fractures and she paced me for the last bit anyway! FRIENDSHIP.

A while later, insert Phaedra ringing cowbells like cray and jumping up and down yelling. Then I see the most hilarious sign.


Back story: When I was like 18 I was at the mall with my friend and some guy stops me and says “DAMN GIRL, WHY YOU SO HEALTHY?” It was the most ridiculous and hilarious pick up line I have ever experienced, and SO APPROPRIATE as a race sign. The best part was that I was so in the zone I read the sign (around kilometre 20) and I say to the person holding it “OH HAHA SOMEONE SAID THAT TO ME ONCE!” And I look up and see that IT’S MY GIRL BRANDY hahahahaha, idiot Dan, idiot.

  • Kilometre 21.1: WTF DID I JUST DO? 1:45:18. Oh. Casual.

Christina, Coach PK and Moi!


My little pace fairy.


Okay so while I am THRILLED to have hit a PR, all I keep thinking about is how I wasn’t tired enough. I could have run faster. I know I could have. I kept preserving energy thinking things were REALLY going to hurt soon, but they didn’t. I had more gas in the tank. This is both a good thing, and a bad thing I guess. Good for the future but a bit frustrating for now!

Anyway, post race we ate all the pizza and then I ate all the froyo.




I had to go out with a bang on the froyo front because as of yesterday, I am part of a 30 day sugar free challenge at work. AHH. We are going November 3-December 2nd, just in time for our work Christmas party on December 3rd.  Halloween was a little out of control with the treats, and Christmas is ALWAYS out of control with the treats, so we figured we would give our bods a little break for now. Join me if you so wish!

Anyway! I think that sums up my race weekend! I think the next will be Around the Bay 30k in March, but for now I am taking a wee little break while we sort out this house move!

Hope you are having a great week!





  1. Okay that picture of you and Jess is amazing!! She’s in jeans and boots and holding a damn sign. I die.
    Get ready to CRUSH 1:45!! I am so excited for you!!!

  2. HAHAHA. This is probably going to be my favourite picture of us EVER. We go for badass, not flattering anyways. 😛

    Way to kick ass and take names by casually PRing on a hard race at the end of the season. You ROCK.

  3. I am still SO FREAKING HAPPY for you! I love that you still had energy left in the tank at the end. DO NOT beat yourself up over that. Be happy you crushed your PR and know that next year, sub 1:45 is yours. Seriously. I hope you get yourself a nice post race massage sooner rather than later!!! 😀

  4. Hi I love this, love you, bye.


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