Marathon Monday: SeaWheeze 2014 Edition

Linking up with my girl Christina for another Marathon Monday!


We arrived in Vancouver on Thursday and crammed in a few hours sleep before the insanity commenced!  The time leading up to the race can easily be summed up in a few short steps.

Step 1:  Dodge a skunk on the way to the SeaWheeze showcase store (aka. Store full of limited edition SeaWheeze clothes). Why would we see a skunk do you ask? Oh, because we were walking over at FOUR THIRTY A.M.

Step 2: Spend all the monies. And I mean all of it.

seawheeze store

Chaos ensues!



Step 3: Eat all the foods.


Step 4: Try to forget the real reason we came here. No, it wasn’t to execute step 2 (and 3).

Step 5: (The final step!)Attempt to make it to the finish line in one piece. (SPOILER ALERT: I did it. Barely.)

The week leading up to the race I had a ton of treatments with various practitioners trying to loosen up some of the tightness going on in my abdominals/psoas. I think things successfully loosened quite a bit, but I continued to get cramps while walking, right up to the walk to the start line. I tried to not worry about it, but every runner knows that is near impossible once you get to race day! The energy is so exciting and infectious that at the start, you start to think you can freaking win the thing if you want to (hah okay maybe that’s a bit extreme).

before seawheeze with danielle ashley and christina

Anyway, this is how it went down!

1-3k: 4:56min/km. What an idiot. Hah, seriously. I don’t know why I thought that pace was a good idea given my injuries all season.

3k: This is where the cramps kicked in. At this point I was still pretty hopeful that they would subside so I just focused on my breathing and kept trekking.

6k: The unforgiving Burrard St. bridge is in full forces. Cramps too.

9k: Oh let’s turn around and hit that bridge again, cause we love the pain, AM I RIGHT?

10k: I managed to throw back a raspberry Vega energy gel.  It tasted delightfully similar to real raspberries!

11k-21.1k: I have no idea what happened. Hahah! I really started hurting. I took breaks at all the water stations, and sometimes in between. I really was not having a great time. Cramps on cramps. Now, don’t get me wrong– this race was amazing.  There was a TON of stuff to look at along the course. Mermaids, choirs, cheering squads all over the place, drag queens, all kinds of stuff!  But I was in that zone where I had no interest in any of it. I wanted to be done. But I didn’t want to move any faster. My kilometre splits varied from 4:56-6:27/km. Eek.

In the end, I crossed the finish line in 1:57:18. My slowest time in a while, but considering all I have been dealing with, and the fact that this course is NOT PR friendly, I am okay with it! By the time I crossed the finish line, all my super speedy friends (Ashley, Christina, and Angela), were done and ready for a photo shoot!

post-seawheeze race pics

The volunteers did an AMAZING job with tons of special touches including COLD wet wash clothes at the finish line, and an APPLAUSE for every runner who entered the bag check area!

This weekend has been SO much fun and I absolutely intend on trying to get in for next year!


See you soon for trip excitement part II!









  1. Ummm so you still killed it. Don’t even start with me. You’ve been dealing with SO much over the last few weeks and still pulled off a respectable time.

    This was one of the best weekend of life and I can’t wait to do it again!!!! EAT ALL THE THINGS! RUN ALL THE RACES!

  2. Ok definitely trying to get in for next year!! See you there!!!

  3. You rocked it girl!! And looked adorable doing it!! So glad I got to see you before you left! xox

  4. Ummm, 1:57 with cramps and walking?! YOU KILLED IT. Way to go!!!!!!!
    Seeing all the cute stuff you, Christina and Ange picked up I totally need to drag my butt outta bed WAY early next year. I’ll complain about it then, but then I’ll have ALL THE PRETTY THINGS 🙂

    • Thank you!!!

      Hahah it is SO WORTH IT. We had so much fun shopping with piles of clothes everywhere!

  5. I don’t know about you, but I was SO sad to be leaving yesterday.. it kinda made me want to throw a tantrum on the plane lol! But thank you for being part of what was such an amazing holiday. I can’t wait to eat all the things, run all the miles, and spend all the money again next summer (which means that I’m starting to save for it today.) 😉

    • Hahah! Every flight needs a tantrum so I hope you did it. I know I am so sad! I just keep looking at all our pics like LET’S GO AGAIN!

  6. Sorry to hear about all the cramps, but it looks like you had a WONDERFUL time. Super jealous and hoping to make it next year! xo

    • Thanks Jess! Weee hope we can all make it! Congrats on your huuuuuge BQ by the way– IDOL STATUS!

  7. I feel like you didn’t have any fun at all. Try and have more fun next time.

  8. I already told you this but it bears repeating – NICE WORK! Seriously. With walking, cramps and hills – I am all too familiar with that Burrard Street bridge – you did GREAT!