Marathon Monday: On a Tuesday


Thanks so much for all of the congrats regarding my last post! We are super excited!

So I guess now it is time for an update on my training life. (Linking up with Christina again!)


Training life is a little depressing. The good news, my shin splints seem to be legitimately dealt with. My shins haven’t bothered me at all in quite some time. That is winning right there, because I know they are one of the hardest running injuries to treat. The bad news..

On the August long weekend I was running downhill on the country roads, and there was a car coming towards me. I went to move onto the gravel shoulder of the road and I BAILED SO HARD. I rolled my ankle inward and scabbed up my hands when I hit the ground.


Stretching my calves out so I can bail gracefully…

I was on kilometre 10 of the 18 planned. I had to get home somehow, so I sucked it up and got it done. My physio actually said that was the best thing I could have done (go me!). At least I had these cute, furry little distractions post-run while I iced my ankle.


So much cute.

So the ankle is much better now, as it was a mild sprain that put me out for a few days. No big deal, RIGHT?  Well, ON to the next (classic Dan).

A couple weeks ago, I became the not-so-proud new owner of some super distressed bowels. (TMI ALERT). I don’t know what caused it, but I do know that it lasted a long 10 days. During those days I was continuously getting abdominal cramping on my runs, which I assumed was due to a struggle to stay hydrated and an electrolyte imbalance. It usually resulted in my having to cut runs short or take several breaks. Well, here I am, 6 days of my tummy being back to normal, but the cramping while I run persists. Actually, the cramping has gone ahead and taken itself to the next level. I live approximately a 4 minute walk away from work (don’t be so jealous), and in that 4 minute WALK, I keep getting the cramping on the left side of my diaphragm. Now if it cramps when I am taking a casual walking-and-texing stroll, just imagine how it feels when I RUN. UP HILLS. Or down hills. F. It hurts. It stops-me-dead-in-my-tracks kinda hurts. And controlling my belly breathing doesn’t seem to be doing to the trick.

I have seen my chiro, physiotherapist, and an osteopath so far. No cure yet, but everyone seems to agree: shit is messed up in there! The osteo said it is the tightest/hardest he has seen, actually. Oh good…

So what does these mean?

No time goals for SeaWheeze. A sub 1:48 PR certainly isn’t going down. At this point, I question even a sub 2-hour, depending on how bad I cramp (sigh).

BUT! I still get to go to Vancouver (this Thursday!!) and I am still going to have SO MUCH FUN! I am still so excited. If I don’t think about the whole running part…



See you in VAN!!!!








  1. As you should be! It’s going to be a BLAST!!


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