It sure is sparkly.


So, over the last couple weeks, some stuff happened..

IMG_1014I’m sure you have all seen this up on my IG and what not but weeeee! Josh proposed on August 4, after the long weekend at the cottage. I don’t feel like posting the proposal story all up on the interwebs right now, but I said yes, obviously, and it was perfect. As is my ring. I just keep staring at it in disbelief that it is mine. It sure is sparkly. What the. It’s so pretty!!!

It took us about a week to get the news out to everyone, and I couldn’t post on my blog like a regular human without spilling the beans, so I waited.  We had all of our friends and family on social media blackout, hahah. It has been so much fun telling everyone, and getting started with the planning. We are hoping to tie the knot early next summer, preferably in June, but we will see how things unfold!


Thanks so much to everyone who has already sent us the kindest messages and best wishes, we sure are feeling the love.

I’ll be back with a training update ASAP! It’s not pretty…but for now, I just stare at my sparkles and pretend everything is perfect.

Talk soon!





  1. Amazing news!! A HUGE congratulations and all the best 🙂

  2. Congrats! Your ring is so pretty! Enjoy the planning- I am in the thick of it myself and enjoying it a ton. xoxoxo

  3. yayayayayayayay!!!! Congrats again!!

  4. Congrats gorgeous!!!

  5. Oh WOW!!!! Congrats, you guys!!!

    Shame on Josh for not saying anything at work…..not that there’s generally an opportune time for that sort of thing in the midst of all of that insurance talk, lol 😉

    Have fun….it’s a super exciting time….what I remember of it, 10 years later 😉

  6. This still makes me oh so happy. Let me know if you need help with any planning… your friend over here does those planning things for a living… 😉