We got kicked out…

Where do the weekends even go?

I kicked off my weekend by blogging, and then headed out to meet Josh and our friend Pat who was visiting all the way from Hong Kong!  We hadn’t seen him in almost two years, so it was really fun to catch up. We had a couple of drinks at a couple different places before a lightbulb went on in my head that said “You have to run tomorrow, idiot.  Easy on the pinot.” Hah. We were in bed around 1am (not bad!), and I was up at 7:30 for my “long run” of 12km (don’t make fun of me, my shins need BABY STEPS, OKAY?).

I woke up, chugged some water with a Nuun electrolyte tab in it, put on my new calf sleeves, and off I went. The run was pretty eventful!

The back story: Earlier this week I had experienced some shin pain in my left leg. The pain was only at the start of my runs, and once I warmed up it went away. Then on my Friday morning run, I experienced pain on the left the entire time.  Still nothing on the right. I had a physio and acupuncture treatment on Friday (like I mentioned in my post), and thought I was tuned up/ready to run on Saturday morning. Now let me break down this run for you:

  • 1-2k: I wanna die. BOTH of my shins are burning and my calves feel like they are pulsating/seizing up. So. Much. Hurt.
  • 3k: I stop to pull down the compression sleeves and stretch my calves on the curb in hopes that will lighten the tension now that I am warmed up. It doesn’t. I start to run again and debate whether or not I am being and idiot, thinking that perhaps I should go home because I am running slow as a snail anyway.
  • 3.5k: “WHOA, IS THAT A $5 BILL?” (Picks it up) “This is the thickest $5 bill I have ev– WAIT A SECOND THIS IS TWO FIVE DOLLAR BILLS!” Running in pain, but now with a smile.
  • 4k: I decide to just keep going. I try to forget about the pain and my pace and just enjoy the freaking amazing weather…and possibility of more cash. RIGHT?
  • 6k: The halfway point. I turn around to start heading home and realize I no longer feel a thing. No calf pain, no shin pain, no weird seizing feeling, nothing. WTF? Maybe this a fluke.
  • 6-12k: Run with my eyes closed in anticipation of the pain making a return. It never happens. Weeeeee!!
  • Home: Elevate the legs with some ice packs!

I am entirely convinced that the compression sleeves just took some getting used to, and once I was settled in, they really helped. Obviously I have only run in them once, so I can’t draw any real conclusions, but I am excited to see how my next run goes. I was able to pick up the pace significantly in the second half and finish with a 5:42/km pace (9:10 miles). Acceptable given the conditions!

WHEW, sorry for the essay. I tried to find an amusing picture to give you up there, but failed.

ANYWAY, after that, Josh, Pat and I headed to Toronto. Josh and Pat were going to the Toronto FC game, so I had texted Christina to see if she was free for some food (obviously), and girl chat! Lucky for me, she was!


My jam.

I’m not a huge salad person, but I am addicted to the California Classic salad (with “Green” dressing) and the tempeh. I crave it allll the time. Today I made a double batch of their tempeh (recipe is in their cookbook!) to eat all week for lunches. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages and finally got around to it today!


I love this girl. We can legit talk and giggle all day. The people at Fresh also noticed this, and eventually told us that they needed our table for a “party of 5.” They didn’t offer us another table or anything, and there were a ton of spots! Not to mention there was no party of 5 waiting at the door…  Yep. We got kicked out of Fresh. #partyanimals.

They basically left us with no other choice but to go for froyo. What jerks.


Overall it was a great weekend! I’m really getting used to all this sunshine, I hope it never goes away.

Ever been kicked out of a restaurant? Hahahahhh.




  1. Ummm yep. With you.
    Guess there’s a first time for everything?!
    Best date ever. So happy you came to visit!!!! 🙂

  2. Ha ha ha ha, only you two would get kicked out of Fresh. 😀 I am SO GLAD you felt better towards the end of the run. Compression sleeves ALWAYS make my shins feel weird when I start running but I’m always better after about 20 minutes. Hopefully that’s the solution to your shin issues!!

    • Danielle says:

      Hahahah so rude!

      Fingers crossed! Shifting tomorrow’s run to tonight so I’m excited to see how it goes.

  3. Can’t believe I missed you guys by like, an hour. I would have been kicked out and maaaybe caused a scene.

    And yes, I’ve been kicked out by a restaurant but for reasons entirely different. Entirely. 😐


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