You thought it was bad before

My dog obsession?

Just doubled.

Lemon has a BABY BRO!

His name is Winslow (formerly Windsor. You can call him Carl.) and we adopted him from the Boston Terrier Rescue Canada (BTRC). He is estimated to be about 1.5 years old.  He was surrendered to the BTRC by a family who felt they couldn’t give him the attention he needed, and we are believed to be his 4th home (including his foster home).  POOR BABY. It was a pretty serious adoption process– it was over a month from when I submitted the application to when we brought him home.  We had lots of meetings, and interviews, and reference checks to make sure everyone fit well together.

…clearly in all those reference checks no one came across my blog, because they would have been like…”girl is insane, RUN AWAY.”

At first we weren’t sure about how Lemon and Winslow would get along, since in their first meeting Lemon actually ended up getting bit.

Now look at these lovebirds now.

Legit two best friends.  They follow each other around everywhere and seem to be having so much fun together. I’m really happy with how they are getting along. What’s the dogs per person limit? Like 5? K great.

Winslow is a great runner too, just like little Lemon. My friend Claire and I took him and Lemon for a little 7k jaunt on Friday and he was a champ. His only problem is he seems to hate strangers…he wants to eat them. But only for about 30 seconds and then he will never forget you and love you forever. Seriously. Just ask Christina. She had the pleasure of meeting this little nugget on Sunday. After our sweet blogger meet up the day before! The best part about this meet up was that it happened 5 mins from my house and for once! Wee!

We went to Thrive (obviously), and I got the vegan black bean burger, and it was amazing as per usual.

I blew it and went to David’s Tea all alone BEFORE lunch, and then these lovely ladies went AFTER lunch without me. Good news is, I picked up 3 of the winter teas and I AM OBSESSED. Alpine Punch, Sleigh Ride and Gingerbread are the ones I picked up. Santa’s Secret is also

As for training, I’ve just been running casually, and finally have been able to get back in the gym. I decided to do a leg workout on Saturday and I still can’t walk properly. Seriously.

Now I am just trying to decide on which races I want to do in the Spring so that I can get training. I’m considering Around the Bay 30k again, followed by a spring marathon (maybe Ottawa?), but I just don’t know! I’m not sure if I want to commit to that kind of training right now. Maybe I should just keep working on speed for another season…hmmm, DECISIONS!


Back to my fur babies!

Are you a crazy dog lady too?

Have you planned your 2014 race schedule? Help a girl out.











  1. OMG CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!! G and I are unfortunately REALLY allergic to animal dander. He’s not a big animal person but if it was up to me, we’d have a couple of dogs for sure.
    2014 race schedule….sort of planned. At least the first half of the year anyway. The second half is up in the air right now.
    I say keep working on your speed for another season. Race a few more halfs then tackle a full in 2015. That’s my two cents. 😀

  2. It was so great to meet you last weekend!
    Ok – your dogs are the very cutest EVER. 🙂
    My 2014 race schedule is stacking up and I am getting SO excited! I am not doing much in the spring to fully recovery from 2013, but I am doing TransRockies 120 miler, the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim and the 5 Peaks series. Now that I know you are so close, we should do a race together locally! 🙂

  3. I find that if I’m in need of a good *SQUEE*, I just need to pop over here for my dose of puppies and babies and YOU!
    I used to be a crazy dog lady with big boy dogs but when I moved to a tinier space, I couldn’t bring them. They live happily with my brother- well Charlie did, Tito still does. If I could, I would have maybe 87 puppies. Approximately.
    And I’m trying to survive half marathon training right now. Aiming for my first half sometime early spring 🙂


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