Move Mountains (Kewaza Energy Bites Review!)

When Mariam of Kewaza contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying her product, I basically jumped up and down like “OBVVVVVVIOUSLY!”

What is “Kewaza?”

Kewaza isn’t a place or a thing; it’s a feeling. Kewaza is biking in the summer sun with your family and feeling like you could do anything. Kewaza is the freedom you feel after your very first skydive or free fall. Kewaza is the rush that comes over you after running a marathon for charity. It’s the feeling that you can do anything. Its knowing you could do anything. It’s the feeling of power and health. It’s the feeling that you are reconnected to your true self. Kewaza is you at your best, feeling your best. It’s the feeling that you are unstoppable!”

What are they?

Mariam describes Kewaza products as “a blend of wholesome and delicious flavors packed with raw, simple, all-natural ingredients combined in a flavorful dance to give you the energy you need to move mountains! The best Mother Nature has to offer squished into a little ball of awesome. These portable, flavorful, energy-packed bites will help you be at the top of your game.”

She isn’t kidding. These things are not only way too delicious for your own good, but they have a pretty impressive ingredients list.

Mariam sent me each of the three flavours to sample. There are two Timbit sized energy balls in each package. If you don’t know what a Timbit is, then I guess you better get out your Google machine.

Here’s the run down!

First of all, they arrived in the cutest packaging of all time. If that right there doesn’t make you want to try these, then YOU JUST WAIT.

Ingredients: honey, cocoa powder*, goji berries*, hemp protein powder (hemp protein*, cocoa powder*, dark chocolate*, stevia extract*), cocoa nibs*, coconut*, coconut oil, flax seed*, vanilla extract*, maca powder* (*organic ingredients)

The coconut flavour was possibly my favourite. I couldn’t actually decide. They didn’t have an overt coconut flavour, but they DID have a serious rich chocolate punch, that could kick any sweet craving out of the water. All while giving you a little protein boost!

The next flavour I tried was the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough flavour…YEAH. You read that right.

Ingredients: Dates, Organic Peanut Butter, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Check out that ingredient list. These taste especially sweet and peanut buttery when you eat one right after a super rich chocolatey coconut one. …what like you thought I controlled myself and rationed these?  ….no. This flavour tasted similar to PB chocolate chip Larabars, only I found these balls to be much softer and more dough like.

Last up, we have straight up Peanut Butter flavour.

Ingredients: peanut butter* (peanuts), honey, cocoa powder*, goji berries*, almonds*, peanuts*, hemp protein powder (hemp protein*, cocoa powder*, dark chocolate*, stevia extract*), cocoa nibs*, coconut oil, flax seed*, vanilla extract*, maca powder* (*organic ingredients)

These ones, like the coconut, were also super chocolatey and rich tasting. Only with peanuts and PB added. Obsessed.

These are definitely something that I would purchase to use for before or after workouts, or even just to keep in my purse to snack on when I’m in a pinch. Or when I’m not. You get the idea. I love that I can feel good about supporting a local business owner, while eating quality ingredients that taste amazing.

So I know you want to know– where can you get these?

You can pick them up at a few local stores in Toronto, listed here. OR, you can order them directly online via the Kewaza website, here.

Don’t forget to check Kewaza out on Facebook, too!

Which flavour are you most excited about?



p.s. I received the product gratis in exchange for a written review, but I fell in love with them all on my own!


  1. Wow, all 3 of them sound amazing! They also sound like something that would be perfect for eating while cycling! I might have to give these a go!! I’m also a sucker for cute packaging so I’d buy these in a heartbeat just because of the box, ha ha.

  2. You know how I feel about balls!… protein balls!
    Definitely need to try the peanut butter ones- put honey in anything, and I’ll eat it. All of it.
    Bring some on our boat trip? 🙂