Photoshoot prep of champs

Weekend update on a MONDAY? I am so on the ball already this week.

On Friday night, I was supposed to have a work meeting in Markham, but it got cancelled due to some crazy thunder storms happening around Ontario (it was going to be an outdoor meeting). Josh was at the Jays game (which I was also supposed to attend, but had to give my ticket away because of the meeting…yeah, not impressed), so instead I spent the night blogging and hanging out with a very scared Lemon.

I woke up early on Saturday morning for my “long run.” It was only 12km, so not really a long run, but you know.


On my run I couldn’t believe how may trees had been split, torn apart, or straight up uprooted. There were HUGE trees that had just been ripped right out of the ground. I felt particularly bad for this guy:

The tree is resting on a hydro line so he can’t move his car. This wasn’t even the worst of it! I am so glad Lemon and I stayed safe and warm inside and didn’t even lose power!

It was Beer and RibFest in Kitchener this weekend, so Josh and I invited a bunch of our friends/all my sisters over.  We had a little party, and headed over to the festival together. You are going to be so jealous when you see what we ate, omg.


P.S. I know Laurel and I look like we are wearing identical outfits hahah, but she is wearing a skirt and I am wearing shorts OKAY? Although identical outfits woulda been better…

Anyway. DID YOU SEE THAT FOOD? Josh and I shared a 1/2 rack of ribs (I ate two ribs) and we also got that bloomin’ onion up there and shared it with a few people. It was SO GOOD. I don’t like beer at all, so I only had 1 drink at the festival, and it was long island ice tea. That way, it looks like beer, so people don’t think I’m a wimp. HAH, just kidding, but it worked for me. THEN, later that night (after a few more drinks in our backyard), we went back to the festival for my favourite thing of the whole event….A FUNNEL CAKE. I shared one with my sister, and holy cow, I want another one right. now.

At some point during all of this, I had a big idea to take bricks that were lying around in a parking lot by our house to make a fire pit. (Don’t worry backyard fires are legal here!) It. was. awesome.

We didn’t have s’mores, but you better believe they will be happening sometime soon. Maybe I can try some homemade marshmallows and dark chocolate to make them less offensive…#photoshootprepofchamps

The next day we hung out in the backyard some more, and then headed to my parents’ house for another feast.


Josh and I got home late and hit the hay ASAP. I was NOT feeling the gym today at ALL. This always happens to me on Mondays. No big deal though, I just did a quick chest workout at home instead! My upper bod feels like jelly. Wanna try?

Circuit 1: 3×10

Circuit 2: 3×10

Circuit 3: 3×10 

  • Decline push-ups (feet elevated)
  • Incline push-ups (hands/chest elevated)
  • Incline mountain climbers (hands on bench/chair)
Circuit 4: 3×10
  • Tricep push-ups
  • Bench/Chair dips
  • Crab kicks
Circuit 5
  • Plank to failure

Week 3 of my half marathon training starts tomorrow! Wee!

Happy Monday! …just try and be happy that it’s Monday, okay?

Have you ever had a funnel cake?





  1. I die. That funnel cake. I always joke with Q that I’m going to need a panoramic lens for the shoot because I am going to get so fat. Can’t wait.

  2. Uh, hush up there Christina. I bet Q is telling you the same!
    And D- what did I say about those sunnies? I must have them, I must.

    • Danielle says:


    • Nope…I requested the shoot be taken yesterday because they’re both ready NOW!
      Also…D…that shot of you and Josh is pretty much the best.
      Funnel Cakes Fo’ Life!

  3. YUM! The blooming onion looks amazing!!

  4. Ever had the Blooming Onion from the Outback??? So good! Also loving you’re sunglasses, I am an addict, have 20 pairs 🙂

  5. Corinne says:

    @Christina and @Danielle – you both already look amazing, and I agree – you are totally ready for your shoot already! Can’t wait to see the photos 🙂

  6. Omg wait… what? Do you live in Kitchener? I drive past Vic Park every day home from work.

    • Danielle says:

      Yes I do!!! Where do you work? …maybe email me that instead of posting here hahah


  1. Smashed says:

    […] weekend is the best summer weekend of all aka. RIBFEST. Pretty excited to eat myself into a smoked meat coma post long-run. […]