I forgot to tell you!

I mentioned in my 2013 goals progress post that I now have a SUPER LEGIT running coach. I am wrapping up the second week of my training program, and I realized that I forgot to tell you all about her!

I met Phaedra at the blogger meet-up before the Toronto Marathon back in May. I learned about her EXTREME SPEEDINESS and proceeded to stalk her life.

Phaedra has been running for over 14 years, and also happens to be a triathlete champ. Literally. She wins and stuff. Did you know that regular people do that? Jeez.

She also does other incomprehensibly badass things, such as running the Boston Marathon in no time at all (3:16) and then making it into Runner’s World.

So needless to say, I asked Phaedra if she was a running coach and she said “not yet!” And I said “WAHHH.” And then a few weeks later she e-mailed me and said “I’m about to be a running coach!” And I said ‘WEEEEEE.” And here we are.

Phaedra lives just over an hour away, so I don’t see her in real life, but she sends me my plans. I wear my Garmin watch to track all my stats for her, and then I upload the data online for her to see. It makes me feel like someone is watching me on every run…good or bad? Undecided…hahah.

The goal is to get me to run a sub 1:50 half marathon in Hamilton in November. My current PR is 1:54:59, but that is without consistent speedwork, and without me having any respect for my training schedule. Woops. So I think I am in good shape to make it happen. Minus this heat wave. Good grief.

I am also planning to run the Toronto Waterfront half a few weeks before Hamilton, just because it is one of my favourite events, and I have done it every year since I started running!

So that’s the update..now I leave you with two things.

1. All the means you need to stalk Phaedra too, because I know that you want to.

Blog here. Facebook here. Instagram here. Twitter here.

2. A picture of what happens when Lemon tosses her ball for herself.

Happy Weekend!

Have you ever had a personal coach or trainer?





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