Always Earned, Never Given (Allied Medal Displays GIVEAWAY!)

Back in March after Around the Bay, I posted this picture on Instagram of all my beautiful race hardware:

It wasn’t long before I was getting a bunch of comments and messages saying “you need a medal display!” I was like…”that’s a thing?” I have totally Googled “medal hanger” before, or something along those lines. I clearly chose poor search terms, because I was never able to find a thing.

As it turns out, there is this wonderful company called Allied Medal Displays who specialize in turning your pile of hardware into a beautiful piece of art. I got in touch with them, and they were so kind as to send me a display of my choice. You are able to choose either a custom word/phrase on the display, or you can choose from one of their website options, which is what I did! Look this beauty:

I couldn’t think of a more perfect phrase! I thought it perfectly described me. I am not a gifted runner, not a speedy runner, but I bust my BUTT and I earn those medals!

I have managed to fit 14 medals on the display so far, and I certainly have room for a a few more! The display is very strong and secure, so I am confident I can fit several more on the display– I personally look forward to when there are so many on there you can’t tell what’s what!  #toolegittoquit

Shipping was really fast (less than a week to Canada!), and there was zero assembly required. All I had to do was convince Josh that I am incapable of operating a drill, so that he would hang it for me. That took a few weeks, but he couldn’t say no on our anniversary, obviously. Once he quit fighting it, it took him less than 5 minutes to actually hang it up.

Lastly, the staff at Allied Medal Displays were a pleasure to deal with! They are so nice in fact that they agreed to give away a display of choice to one of my readers! Who doesn’t want to put their hard work on display? Girrrrl (or boy), I know you don’t go for those 6am training runs in the rain and/or cold to put these bad boys in a drawer.

To enter*:

It’s easy! Just visit the Allied Medal Displays website, and then leave me a comment below, telling me which display you would choose if you won!

Contest closes on Friday June 21st at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be announced on the blog!

*Open to US and Canadian Residents

Good luck!







  1. Aw this is such an awesome giveaway! I love your medal display, they look awesome! I was recently going through pinterest to try and build my own, but lets be honest, thats going to happen maybe never! I love Allied Medal Displays selection. If I won, I would pick


  2. I think I would choose the “Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever. I love this and often repeat it in my mind during a race when it gets tough!!

  3. Pretty! Look at all those medals!

    I would def choose “I crossed the line” since the first time I ever did a run was because my coach convinced me that there was nothing like the fear of not crossing the finish line to keep me motivated to do my summer workouts and I remember feeling amazed that I actually did– even if it was 3 hours later ha 🙂

  4. I would choose Never Limit Your Challenges, Challenge Your Limits – OR – Always Earned, Never Given like the one you got! Great giveaway! Thanks Danielle!

  5. I love “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world!”. Oh my word!!

  6. Love it! Mine are in a box, except for this year’s ATB which is in my golf shadow box(?). I like the simple “Believe” one – was definitely in my mind running ATB!

  7. I’d pick the gymnastics one (competed in the USA from age 8-15 until two surgeries ended my career) or else always earned never given (I always felt like the kid that had no talent & worked her butt off for every tenth of a point). I’m a friend of Cassie’s & really love this idea – even if I don’t win I plan on buying one for me & maybe a few as Christmas gifts 🙂

  8. I love it! I could totally use one of those! I would choose the one that says Believe or strong is the new beautiful!

  9. I think I would pick “I can go for miles” and it would motivate me to add to my current collection of one race medals!

  10. awesome giveaway!!! if i could choose, i would LOVE the San Francisco Cityscape! The San Francisco Marathon was the first official run I attempted, but was unable to finish. BUT! I didn’t give up! I came back the following year and completed it! and have ran it ever year since!

  11. I would choose, it symbolises my attitude to transform my life from 120kg couch potato to an Ironman and now personal trainer. I say it to my own clients now when doubt sets in.

  12. Love the Cityscape 2.0 Female or Strong Is The New Beautiful or …. There are just too many great designs to choose from! This is perfect timing – was just starting to thing the door knob my medals currently rest on will not work by the end of this season!

  13. Akila Whiley says:

    AAAHHH these are amazing! Huge fan of “Always Earned, Never Given” …after you have the medal and all the excitement has worn off, it’s so easy to forget all of the effort and energy you put in to get to that moment. I also really like “My Body Has The Power, My Mind Has The Will” – it’s so true.

    I’m also a friend of Cassie. She has told me so many good things about you and your running, so thank you for doing what you do, it has been a real inspiration!

  14. Awesome Blog! Awesome Giveaway !!

    Keep Moving Forward, it’s the only way to move…

    Thank you

  15. What an AWESOME giveaway. So difficult to pick just one but I think I’d have to go with this one:
    Never Limit Your Challenges, Always Challenge Your Limits. This would be a much better way to display all my medals vs. the clear square vase I have them all shoved into, ha ha.

  16. I am in LOVE with this!!! I like the display you picked! Pick me!! I need a sweet display for my next marathon medal!

  17. Thank you for making this giveaway! That is very thoughtful of you. After comparing the hangers in the website, I have to say my favorite is still the “always earned, never given” one. I love it because when other people see your metals hanging on the wall they seem to forget about how much work it takes to get one! So it’s a cute little reminder 😉 I’m currently training for my first 100 Miler in November and would love something to display my medal!
    Thank you so much!

  18. I LOVE the Always Earned, Never Given. I finished my first full and am thinking of an ultra now. Thanks for the great post!!!

  19. Charles says:

    Love it!! “Marathon” please!! Keep on running!!!

  20. The bearded jock (scott) says:

    I like the “pain is temporarily, pride is forever”

  21. I would pick for sure: Challenge Your Limits. Love that one!

    I’ve been thinking about organizing all my medals, definitely need something like this!

  22. Tough choice, but the urbanist in me needs to go with the Cityscape 2.0 (Male). “Fear No Distance” was a close second…

  23. Love the Cityscape 1.0 (Female) or the Always Earned, Never Given display! 🙂 After 40 races I’m approaching medal #20!

  24. Oh I love this! I would choose either “always earned, never given” or “pain is temporary”. Running has never been easy for me, every km I’ve added I’ve worked very hard for, it always hurts, but it never beats the pride I have in my tiny successes. I’d love to hang my first race medal and add more!

  25. I would choose “I can go for miles” – I didn’t know they existed either and if I don’t win I will need to buy it lol. My medals sit in a box all tangled!

  26. These displays are wonderful! I too have clearly been googling the wrong thing! If I win, I would love “think strong, be strong, finish strong”. Even if I don’t win, I will definitely buy one!

  27. These are awesome!!! I love the “Always Earned Never Given” (female version). It would be perfect for my office – currently my medals are scattered around… in a drawer here, on a dresser there, in a box somewhere… It’d be nice to see them all in one place!! Love your blog!

  28. i would choose the San Francisco Cityscape because I simply just love running there. it’s home.

  29. Prudence says:

    Wow! Cool stuff! I would customize mine. With Stars Left, Book Antiqua font, Stars Right: “Everything Is Possible”. 2nd choice, the same design and font, different caption: “Dream It, Do It, Live it”.

  30. Oh, shoot! I can’t believe I commented in the wrong place. I saw your post on Wellsphere and, not realizing that wasn’t the original blog, commented there. Now I realized too late. I had said I would choose Relentless Forward Progress. I am slow, but faster than I used to be. I just earned my first medal and would love to start off right with a display.

    In case you would consider my Wellsphere comment as an entry, you can see that it was on time here:

    • Danielle says:

      Don’t worry! I saw your Wellsphere comment the other day– tried to send you a message but it was giving me a hard time! I will count you in, no worries 🙂


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