Rain n’ lunges

HAY hayyyyy

So, for a good 3-4 weeks I have felt like there is something in my eyeball, BUT THERE JUST ISN’T. I can only feel it when I have my contacts in, I’ve tried 3 different pairs, and it won’t go away. I have come to the conclusion (with my sister’s help) that I have probably managed to scratch my cornea or something. So I have been trying to wear glasses everywhere the last couple days. Glasses on leg day? It’s like trying to look in the mirror after you take a steaming hot shower. You can’t see a damn thing. I have to take them off every 2.3 seconds and wipe them off. Not to mention I have a child sized face and so I have to wear a headband just to keep them on my head. True story. #nerdstatus.

Not impressed.

Moving on…

I always flip flop between my breakfast of choice, and this week it was Ezekiel French Toast. Hot damn. I love healthy breakfasts that are like unhealthy breakfasts. Actually, Chocolate Covered Katie has a recipe for healthy pop tarts…I need to get up in that.

 Next up, tonight on the way to bootcamp, I saw a glorious rainbow which lead me to believe that the rain was over.

Oh no, no, no, it was not. We had some pretty serious downpour during bootcamp…but I wasn’t even mad. It was so fun! It was extra fun because Devon from Health in Equilibrium came out to try one of my classes! She kicked MAJOR booty. This girl is IN SHAPE. And she didn’t complain once about the rain. Or lunges.

A little wet hahah

As soon as I got home I put on some dry clothes, and munched on my latest obsession…

Frozen raspberries. Yup. They’re like little frozen candies. Kinda.

Can you believe tomorrow is FRIDAY? Josh and I will be travelling the province as per usual this weekend, gotta visit the Dads for Father’s Day!

Do you like working out in the rain? It’s so fun. Try it.

Happy Weekend!




  1. I LOVE to eat frozen fruit. Raspberries and mangoes especially. Yum.

  2. When I was growing up one of my favourite snacks at my Gramie’s house was frozen cherries. Frozen grapes are yummy too!

  3. One time I ran in the rain and I guess my pants didn’t rinse very well when I had done laundry so I had legit soap suds EVERYWHERE. It was fun though!

  4. Frozen berries in general are the business.
    As much as I LOL’ed at you needing a headband to keep your glasses on, that probably really sucks. I have like, a pumpkin head, so as much as they stretch my glasses out, they’re always too tight.
    AND I hate being caught in the rain. I don’t know how I smell like a wet dog, but I do, and it’s so sexy 😐

  5. LOL the look on your face with your glasses made me laugh, you looked so unimpressed. I should wear my glasses more too, my contacts have been driving me nuts lately too. I don’t feel pretty in my glasses, materialistic..I know.
    Good work on your frozen raspberries…they’re a good summer “candy” option!

    • Danielle says:

      It must be partly due to allergy season! I’m SURE you are beautiful in your glasses too!! But legit, if you feel like being able to see while you workout…I do not recommend, hahah

  6. Awesome, AWESOME class!! I can’t wait until the next one!!


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