A list of neat

Neat things:

1. VibramPowered chose me on Twitter as the random follower to receive a free shirt! I am obsessed with it. It’s so soft and the neckline is so much better better than most t-shirts. It also makes me feel pretty legit.

 2. National Running Day went down last week, so I took Lemon with me for a little 5k run, and she was hilarious. She basically tried to carry full sized trees home, but eventually settled on this.

She has never run so fast on a leash before. She was FULL STEAM AHEAD so she could get home ASAP, and peel the bark off her new branch.

3. Josh found a good deal on paper towel. I felt like he should’ve been on TLC. Like Extreme couponing, but without the coupons. That right there is 96 rolls of paper towel. WHY.

4. Josh found a deal on Ben & Jerry’s.

Yet he only bought 1 of these. Can we do some swapping here…? 1 roll of paper towel and 96 pints of Ben & Jerry’s? K thanks.

5. This happened on Saturday afternoon. I have no explanation.

 6. Today is our 6 year “dating” anniversary! We just chose a random date, but really we have been together even longer than that. I wouldn’t allow 96 rolls of paper towel to sit in my basement for anyone else.

7. Josh brought me some anniversary flowers! Just in time to replace my marathon flowers!

8. Anniversary = ask nicely for things and you will get them. My medal display is finally on the wall! I am freaking obsessed with it.

Apparently I already need another one. Woops. Keep your eyes peeled to the blog for a review and giveaway soon! You know you want one. It can say anything you like on it!

9. Ever heard of an anniversary carbo-load? Pretty sure we just consumed enough carbs to run ultra marathons tomorrow. Bread, bread, bread, and sweet potato gnocchi. Handmade by Josh! With maple-cinnamon brown butter sauce and fresh sage. OH BOY.

Happy tummies.

Happy Anniversary to Us.





  1. I might have developed an obsession for Lemon in the same way as I have for Princeton. That picture makes me laugh so hard. Also- happy anniversary! You guys are way, way adorbs. Mine is next week- eep!
    ALSO- does your boy deliver those hand made sweet potato gnocchi with maple-cinnamon brown butter sauce and fresh sage? Because I’m bordering on hangry now.
    Pretty sure James Wilson would disapprove but he ain’t the boss of me…sorta.

    • Danielle says:

      HAHAH I am pretty obsessed with Lemon too, so it’s okay.
      Also, you are RIGHT, James isn’t the boss #dowhatwewant.
      Sending Josh over STAT.

      Oh and Happy Anniversary in advance!!

  2. New follower here from over at Runner’s Luck (http://zanetaruns.blogspot.com)
    Love your list of neat… Pretty neat! 😉
    Happy dating anniversary! Belated now…

  3. Can you adopt me into your household please? That Happy Easter photo is the best thing I have seen in my entire life. That guy with the beard though. So casual.

  4. 2 things- happy anniversary and holy shit I need that gnocchi!


  1. […] drill, so that he would hang it for me. That took a few weeks, but he couldn’t say no on our anniversary, obviously. Once he quit fighting it, it took him less than 5 minutes to actually hang it […]