Endorphins make you happy

So I was feeling pretty low in the days post-tick bite, and I did a lot of moping and not a lot of working out. On Wednesday, I stayed in bed literally half the day throwing a little pity party. Eventually, I pulled myself together and started preparing to go a instruct bootcamp. Shortly after, I found out that fields were closed due to an abundance of rain the previous day, so I had to cancel. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise! I was already in workout clothes, so I decided to walk to the gym and finish the workout I failed to start that morning. I did a back workout, (W8D4 of James’ Wilson’s program), and holy cow, I was in the ZONNNNE. I managed to burn over 600 calories in just 50 minutes of lifting. And it was even legs. Cray.

I followed the lift with Woodway treadmill sprints and left the gym feeling like a new person! Pretty sure I smiled like an idiot my entire walk home. I love me some endorphins.

While we are on the topic of calorie burns, I also want take this opportunity to mention something– it is no coincidence that I no longer post pictures of my Polar watch and burns from my workouts (Wednesday was an exception). A few months ago, I came across this post by Amanda at Running with Spoons. Amanda discussed how posting these images could potentially act as a trigger for someone who struggles with disordered thoughts. In all the HRM images that I had posted, this had never even crossed my mind. I do realize that I tend to be a high burner, so after I read her post, I decided to stop posting these pictures. It is really of no benefit to me to post them, so if they are potentially doing damage, why bother? I don’t want anyone to feel like they aren’t working as hard, or aren’t as fit as I am, or anything like that, just because their burn is lower. There are SEVERAL factors that attribute to the each person’s burn, and it’s really just another factor we need not compare!  I posted the picture above the other day, only because I was proud of how hard I had worked, and I felt like I had earned that burn. But it turns out, it caused some more negative comparisons, as suspected, so no more HRM burn images from me!

 Instead you can see pictures of the disgusting, herbal, tick disease fighters I am taking!

In addition to my conventional antibiotics, I add 20-30 drops of each of these bad boys to water, and try not to gag whilst tossing it back. I am pretty sure by day 30 someone is going to have to inject this stuff to get it in me.

But hey, if it could help, IMMA DO IT.

How do you feel about heart rate monitor pictures?

Have you ever taken any herbal tinctures? Did you ever toss your cookies?





  1. Smiling like an idiot is my favourite. PS. You better not have written this post because of my retarded one earlier!!!!! Post your burns if that’s what you wanna do! People know they are posted everywhere and if they don’t want to compare then they just shouldn’t be wearing one!

    PS I went to get that headband and I wanted a fun colour but they only had black and white. Sad face. Maybe I’ll get the black so we can be twins.

    PPS Get ready for spam because I always read your blog from work but never comment. Tonight is the night.

    • Danielle says:

      HAH nooo, legit look back and I haven’t posted an HRM pic in MONTHS, it was peaceful. I shall return to that.
      I know they only had black and white, sad. But I still want white. And all the ones that came out after that.

      And yo we are so WILD on Friday night!

  2. I don’t love the HRM pictures, but I know that people post them for different reasons. There was a time when I would get really discouraged looking at pictures like that because I didn’t work out as long or hard as a lot of people, but I tend to ignore them now because I realize that what is right for one person’s body and schedule is not right for another’s. The rain this week was BRUTAL! No surprise the field was closed…


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