Cupcakes and puppies

I sat down and tried to blog a few times last week…but I just had nothing to tell you guys!

I didn’t workout at all (aside from instructing), to let my body heal and rest up in the days post-marathon. Truth be told, I was feeling pretty much normal by Tuesday, but thought I should be responsible and take it easy a little longer.

We went away for the weekend, first to see Josh’s Mum/family for Mother’s Day and then to see mine. This is how Lemon feels about being in the car all weekend, and this is how Josh feels about being in the car with Lemon all weekend:

I neglected to pack any food, so I ate like an idiot, but it sure was tasty. We had an East Side Mario’s feast on Saturday. Totally delicious and underrated. Unless you aren’t into looking 6 months pregnant after dinner…but hey, apparently that was my thing this weekend.

Oh hey cupcake.

That cupcake was actually part of an awesome cupcake bouquet that my sister made, but we quickly dismantled that and ate all the beautiful flowers.

Mum + Sisters (Jess, Laurel, Mum, Me, Nat) + Zola (dog, hah)

The pets were extra cute this weekend, as usual. Houston (the family German Shepherd), got my Mum this nice card:

Lemon was so sleepy that she tipped right over, baby cow style.

And Zola snuggled up right in my lap and had a photo shoot with me.

This morning we headed out early from my parents’ house, and I hit the gym for my first lifting session in AGES. I always stop lifting right before and after a race. I’m excited to not have to worry about long runs for a while, so I can focus on lifting/leaning out as much as possible. (Even though in the days post-marathon I have developed a serious race itch that I would like to scratch, it will just have to wait!). I’ve been (casually) working on leaning out for over a month now, and I already feel fairly leaner than I did before. I’ve been taking proper progress pics and perhaps I will share them later on. Here is one from today though! Baby muscles, I see you.

I’m back on my meal plan today, and am already seeing the bloat go back down. After my shoulder workout, I did some cardio and I tested out a Woodway treadmill for the first time!
If you aren’t familiar with Woodways, they are basically manpowered treadmills. The belt doesn’t move for you like a traditional treadmill. I found I ended up working quite a bit harder this way, and it seemed to be a much better alternative to outdoor running. It’s almost just like a sidewalk with a Garmin built in! The treadmill shows your speed and you can run just based on how you feel, without having to click buttons and play with speed, distance, time goals, etc. Emz is the freaking QUEEN of the Woodway and she runs marathons on hers (literally) on a regular basis. I don’t think I will be doing that anytime soon, but I think it is my new treadmill of choice at the gym!

So, long story short, I am happy to be back in action this week and working on my next goal for 2013! Can you guess which one it is?

Happy Monday!

Have you ever tried a Woodway?






  1. GO GIRL! You look AMAZING PS!

  2. Eating like an idiot is probably one of the best things in life. After Josh’s face in that photo, actually. He is so lucky that you have a blog to document his finest moments.