My cute little brat

I would like to say that I have calmed down since my last post, but I really haven’t, hahah. I have TRIED, but the anxiety just comes in waves.

On Tuesday my stomach was freaking out SO MUCH that I was like “okay…this can’t be nerves already.” I realized that the only thing I have changed in my diet is my protein powder. I switched from About Time to Vega One. Turns out Vega One has a BUTTLOAD of inulin (aka. fibre, but a weird kind that my stomach hates). There is even a warning label on the tub that says you that you may experience “cleansing like symptoms” until your body adjusts. Uhhh..YUP, hahah. So as of today I cut it out, and changed that meal to whole foods. I’ll try and get used to the Vega One next week, but for now…ain’t nobody got time for that.

In happy news, this week my bootcamps (well 2 of 4 days) headed outside and it is THE BEST! I am so happy to have the sun around lately. Instructing bootcamp is always really fun, but I find that doing it outside just takes it to a whole new level. I freaking love it.

Speaking of the sun, the other individual who is loving the sun a little too much is this one:

Today she was sunbathing away, and I left the backdoor open while doing the dishes so I could watch her. I finish the dishes and go to check on her and she is no where to be found. After thirty minutes of running around like an idiot yelling “LEEMMONNNNN,” I finally found her sniffing up a fire hydrant on the next street. When she saw me coming she thought it was hilarious to try and get me to chase her around the neighbourhood. Josh had to come from work and put on his best “stern Dad voice” and she froze still pretty quickly. Josh scooped her up and we took her home. Then she did this:

Fun’s over.

She has been an EXTRA good listener for the rest of the day, with supervised pee breaks only. Such a brat. Lucky she has that face.

Do you like working out under the sun?

Is your dog a cute little jerk like mine?





  1. The sun and I are not friends when I am running long distances! I always wear my hat because I just shrivel up. And yes my dog is a cute little jerk too! last night I jumped into the shower, only to come out and find her eating my birth control pills! That she had to JUMP up onto my nightstand to pull off! naughty girl! I freaked out and called poison control (which is only for humans apparently) got laughed at, but yeah..shes just fine!!! Doesn’t behave like this when her dad is home! only with me hahaha

  2. Telney and Lemon must be long lost cousins because she has done this before as well. In a different state, renting a beach house, in a neighborhood we didn’t know. It’s like they think its a fun game! My heart stopped when she ran across a street (without looking both ways!) and I had to have Brendan give her the stern mad voice and she shook like a lead with her down. Luckillllly she hasn’t done it since – hopefully Lemon won’t either!! It is kind of interesting how obedient they are after something like that though .. Makes me wonder if she was testing me or something..

    • Danielle says:

      Hahahha omg all Boston Terriers are the same. Yet I want 1000 more of them hahah

  3. Aaaand by telney I mean tenley 🙂

  4. Aaaahhhh! I can’t wait for bootcamp next week!! Can I still be your “friend”? And by that, I mean a friend whose butt you will kick?

  5. Hi Danielle,
    YOU ARE FREAKIN’ AWESOME! We are so proud of you for continuing to strive to be your absolute best! Way to go with the marathon! We wish you many great years of health and fitness.

    Now, my 10 year old lab, Cruz, is not only a brat, but a suck. The other day, I was doing Pilates downstairs; the ab work, so I was looking up at the ceiling when I saw a huge spider. Cruz was upstairs sleeping on the couch. I got up, grabbed a magazine and smashed the spider into the ceiling. I heard Cruz jump off the couch and thought to myself, “what a good dog, coming downstairs to see what the noise was and if I am ok”. NOT! Apparently, when I smashed the ceiling , he got spooked, and ran upstairs to our bed! Hmmm. Have a great day! xo