My resemblance to this man right now is alarming.

All I have done since I registered last week is get progressively more panicked. All day long I Google things about marathons, and average times, and factors that will affect me; all while really just wondering, AM I JUST GOING TO EMBARRASS MYSELF?

Then I get back to logic and feel better again. I ran ATB in a respectable time, and it was mega hilly, AND I felt great when I was done. Remove the hills, add 12.2km, and it should all come out in the wash. Right? …RIGHT? Unless it is hot out. OH MAN, PLEASE DON’T DO IT MOTHER NATURE.

See how quickly the panic returns? This is a legitimate example of my brain all day, every day. I better get a grip soon.

For this week, I am sticking to my regular meal plan, but adding in a teensy bit of extra carbs at meal 3 (extra sweet potato) and meal 4 (extra brown rice). I already strapped my CamelBak on today like I did for ATB to make sure I am drinking water, hahahh.

Pre-ATB Expo

But I am not going overboard on the hydration as I don’t want to wipe out my electrolytes! My big sister was all up in my grill before ATB about drinking too much water, so I made sure I didn’t and it seemed to work well, in addition to the SaltStick capsules during the race. That’s what will be going down again this time around.

As for workouts this week, like the worst runner of all time, I have no plan. Well I had one, but I ditched it. I know that I won’t be doing ANY lifting this week, but I am teaching 4 bootcamps. I also ran 5k today with Lemon, and will probably do it again one or two more times this week.

In other news, look at my sweet new kitchen toy!

ASPARAGUS HOLDER! No more spilling water all up in your fridge. Fun fact: I really do not like asparagus much at all, and can only eat it if it is SKINNY SKINNY SKINNY. Those thick asparagi just gross me out. No, you don’t need to go look it up, asaparagi is not a word.

Race week anxiety is getting to my head already, clearly.


Race week rituals? My new one is wearing my CamelBak all day while running every different pace scenario through every pace calculator/predictor on the internet to see what it thinks will happen. I don’t recommend it.




  1. Ah you will be FINE. Finishing time is not something you should worry about, especially for your first full. Even just getting to the end is a huge deal. Keep on drinking that water and STOP freaking out. Just run it as if it’s a really long training run. When I did mine I broke it up and told myself I was running four 10ks (plus two hah). You just have to play mental mind games with yourself and it’ll be A-OK.

    • Danielle says:

      I can’t help but be worried abut my finishing time, and I know you know what I mean! I just can’t help it! At the end of the day, I know it is not important.

      Turns out I am pretty good at mental games though. I know I will get over it when I get to the start line, at the very latest. And if not, hopefully you will be there to drag my butt to the finish anyhow hahah GOD LOVE YA

  2. You are gonna kill it girlie!!
    Whatever your first marathon time is you will be a MARATHONER!! I will be at the finish line cheering for you!! CAN”T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!

  3. I am running the goodlife full on Sunday too! (and have also been spending all my free time googling all things marathon related) Good luck 🙂

  4. Hi there,

    Totally random, but WHERE did you get the asparagus holder??

    Thank you!


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