One scary, one awesome


I only procrastinated for nearly 4 months but I finally did this…

I wanted to wait because I wanted to be sure Around the Bay went well, and that I would be able to run (aka. be injury free). Now, I am able to run in the sense that I am not injured… but I am likely not injured because I don’t run…

Hah okay I am mostly kidding. But my last long run was Around the Bay. Yup. I had planned to do two more between races, but weather was awful and I just wasn’t feeling it. Poor excuses I know. Do not follow my example! Good news is, “they” say that overall fitness is more important to marathon performance rather than actual long running. Long running (beyond 18 miles especially) is more for mental gain. I have been lifting, doing cardio and teaching bootcamps, so I am still in great shape. I ran 30k, AND I felt like a champ after, so I know I can do this. Mentally, I have this in the bag. My goal is NOT to run like a mega speedster, it’s just to finish, in a decent time…in and around 4:30 is all I ask! (Any volunteer pace bunnies? No?) The weather is always a GIANT factor in my performance, so if it’s too hot I am toast. I’d rather be ice cold! (I hope I don’t eat my words later…). Needless to say, will be my new homepage for a while!

SO, the current plan is to keep working out lightly for the remainder of the week, and then next week will be zero running, zero leg work, and maybe some light cardio. With extra carbs. Race week is the best.



Costco membership! Wee! We’ve never really needed one because we buy most of our produce at the farmer’s market, and our meat at a local meat market, but turns out Costco has mega cheap propane and we barbecue like champs all summer. So we took little gander, and the two most exciting things I found were:

A GIANT JAR of my number one lover as of late, cold-pressed coconut oil. (This was post bootcamp hence the toes, haha). I didn’t buy it because I don’t need any yet, but this badboy is only $18! Yes that really is a deal!

THEN I found this pack of delight:

I don’t even particularly enjoy the formula of these lip balms, but they’re so cute I can’t even deal. I have 3433324 lip balms on the go right now, but as soon as one runs out I am replacing it with these four.

Now if I weren’t on this meal plan I would have been way more excited and buying way more fun stuff, but alas, I could not.

Favourite Costco item? 




    Can’t wait to see you!

  2. Hands down: frozen fruit. We drink a ton of green smoothies and I pick up my frozen pineapple/mango/cherries/berries etc in bulk! They also have great packages of organic lettuce mixes and spinach for like half the price at Longo’s…or wherever!

  3. SOOOOOOO jealous of your Costco membership!! I love that store! We don’t have one in Guelph, otherwise I would buy a membership and go all the time. My favourite items there are the bulk packs of egg whites, greek yogurt and maranatha almond butter. You get so much for so cheap. They also have great produce sometimes, which is great if you live with other people and can share a bulk quantity.