This is why we run (TYS10K race recap)

Holy COW, I had the best day.

So bright and early this morning, I headed down to the race start in hopes of getting a new bib, so I could still run a timed race. It turned out to be basically a non-issue, and I was so excited. My new bib didn’t have my name on it anymore, but that’s okay!

I also picked up this memorial bib to wear on my back to show my support for Boston (while wearing blue and yellow of course).

Before the race start I met up with Christina, but lost her shortly after when I went to meet up with the ladies of Girls on the Run and the Digital Champions (though I never did find the Digital Champs).

I left the GOTR group a bit early to try and line up at the port-a-potties before my corral start time of 9:05am, but those potty lines just weren’t moving. I really didn’t want to get stuck in a slower corral, so I ran outta there sans potty break at 9:03, and jumped into the back of my corral.

My feet were completely numb because I was wearing my Vibram FiveFinger SeeYas (obv), and no socks. It took 4.5k (to be exact) for them to completely warm up again. There were times I was worried I was going to take a tumble because I legit couldn’t feel the ground beneath my feet!

I decided to distract myself by looking for Christina’s neon yellow calf sleeves, since I knew she would be ahead of me. I was surprised when I spotted her not too far ahead, and I gunned it to catch up to her. I figured I would just see how she was doing, say good luck and send her on her way, but oh no no, that is not how it went.

This was my first timed 10k race, I really had no concept of how fast I could run 10k when I didn’t have to run another 11.1k right after, hah. I was hoping for anything in and around 53 minutes– based on my 10k split during a half marathon. We were keeping a pretty steady pace at 4:50/km, give or take, and Christina pointed out that if we could hold that, we would run sub 50 minutes. I said “okay well let’s try!” And try we did. We started darting around everybody together like freaking superheroes. I have never, ever, ever, EVER had so much fun during a race in my life. If it weren’t for Christina, I KNOW I would have seen my pace on my Garmin, and I would have totally psyched myself out of believing I could hold that. It sort of became a fun game to pass as many people as we could instead. I was surprised to see my parents around the 8km mark, so that always offers a little extra power up!

Dad snapped this pic! Tag team, back again.

The race FLEW by (these 10k runners are onto something…). We had a great time and we both managed to pull off NEGATIVE SPLITS!  (Aka. we ran the second half faster than the first half). My official finishing time was 48:12. I know this isn’t that fast, but my mind is still boggled that that is MY time. What in the eff? I came in at 58/694 in my category and I was the 230th woman out of 3089. Weeeee!

And this is why I run. I run to prove to myself over and over and over again that I CAN do anything, and that I have NO idea what my limits are. The high that you get after a race like this is entirely incomparable. This is the feeling that runners chase every time they race. I am so ready for my full in two weeks!

So once we crossed the finish line we made our way over to our tent…

Dying after I pointed out how Christina was such a graceful ballerina in her quad stretch bahaha

I headed home shortly after the race, refuelled with a few clean meals, and took a solid nap. THEN, I celebrated after dinner with a visit to my one true love:


I’ve been following a meal plan that I had made for me (to lean out as much as possible this summer, for an undisclosed event…!), and I have been following it to a T. I get one cheat a week and this was it!

ANYWAY, all in all, I had the best day in a long time. It was a pretty rough week for everyone, and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to run my heart out for Boston and Girls on the Run. It was just a bonus that I was able to make such a great race day memory.

What was your best ever race day like?





  1. My best day ever was JUST LIKE YOURS!!!! You are going to kill this full. I hope I can make it down to see you cross!! Weee!! EBFF4L (added the “E” for “elite”…obvs.)

  2. That’s an awesome time! I think the last time I ran a 10K, I did it in 55 minutes or something. I like to blame it on my short legs 🙂 We also JUST got a Menchie’s in Guelph. Believe it or not, I have never been to a self-serve froyo place, so that is on my list for sure this summer!

    • Danielle says:

      Thank you!!
      OH MY, you will love Menchies! I hope it is downtown so I can sneakily go after I teach bootcamp…

  3. Congrats on the race time! It’s so nice to surprise yourself! Where did you get your meal plan made? I’ve been considering this as well…


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