The bright side

What a crazy week this was. Not in a good way, obviously, but at least it’s over now.

I’m at my parents’ house for the weekend since Josh went up to his cottage, and I stuck around for the Toronto Yonge Street 10k which is happening tomorrow!

I hopped on a bus this afternoon with my green smoothie in hand and headed to Toronto to meet Christina at the expo for packet pickup.

I put all my smoothies in mason jars…they work like a charm and are freakin’ cute.

We successfully braved the insane wind and picked up our packets.  It was all good until I got in the car with my sister when I got home, and was like “OH GOOD GRIEF WHERE IS MY RACE KIT?” I am so scatter brained lately. Long story short, I left it somewhere in Union Station, I’m not even sure where, I called, tweeted, texted and emailed everyone I could think of, but I am still race kit free. It seems someone found it, and took it (who does that?). So I have to go at dawn tomorrow, and try to get a new one. Even if I can’t get one, I am racing for GOTR and Boston anyway, because that is what really matters. (I may sound laid back right now but I flipped my lid a little earlier, hahah).

The good news is, my trekking that resulted in 0 race kits, DID result in me meeting my best friend forever.

In picture A) I am dying because Princeton is barking at Dean who is tricking him into posing by showing him a treat but not letting him have it hahahah

 In case you are unaware, that is Christina’s dog Princeton and he is a 5lb bundle of joy with an underbite hahahah, I love him.

Anyway, gotta eat my last meal of the day, and get my stuff ready for an early start tomorrow!

Running or racing this weekend?





  1. Oh man! Losing your race kit must have been so frustrating! I hope you found another one and I hope the race went well! It looked like fun from what I saw on Instagram 🙂


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