A heavy heart

I don’t really know what to say here, so bear with me…I’m just thinking aloud, with my fingers.

I received a text from my sister yesterday shortly after the news of the bombs in Boston came about. My initial reaction was a simple WHY. As I began to watch, listen to, and read the details of the events, I was in utter disbelief.

It is hard to explain the camaraderie that exists between runners. All runners. Runners you know, runners you see, and even runners you will never meet. The knowledge that you both have an understanding of what it means and feels like to run, is enough to know you could bond with that person– even if you didn’t see eye to eye on any other matter. Maybe it’s a bit strange, but it’s there.

a bit cheesy…but it’s true!

My heart breaks for those who were directly affected by this tragedy, those who lost family members and those who were injured, or had a family member or friend injured. My heart also breaks for the running community as a whole– runners, spectators and volunteers alike. Of course I understand that this affects far more people that just the running community, this is simply part of the reason that this particular tragedy has had such an impact on myself.

The joy in any race day is one that you look forward to, and one that you WORK FOR, for weeks and weeks prior to the big day. Not only has there been an attempt to remove that joy, there has been an attempt to instil fear, in it’s place, for races and races to come. With a race this Sunday and another (my first full marathon) two weeks later, I certainly feel the effects of these events. I am an anxious person by nature (thanks Mum), but I refuse to let the perpetrator(s) take any of my joy from running. I encourage you to do the same.

Run for the runners who as a result of yesterday, no longer can.

So today, I ran. I hopped on the treadmill, and I ran 6 straight miles. I can’t stand the treadmill. But today it was easy. It was easy to run when I just thought about how happy I was to be able.

I hope that you will get out there today and dedicate your run to Boston.

Keep running and Keep RACING.



p.s. Happy Birthday to my big sister, Jess! Weee, you are 100.

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  1. Great post, bestie! It was really hard for me to write mine last night too. It’s like you don’t really know what to say and you’re not even sure if it makes any sense. I got goosebumps reading this and I absolutely cannot wait to run in honour of all of these people on Sunday. xo.


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