Box jumps: 1

Not feeling the blogging this week, just not feeling it. Maybe it’s the WRETCHED weather? All I want to do is wear fleece and flannel and hibernate.

Some stuff that happened while I was gone…

1. We took Lemon to the park! No, we don’t pretend our dog is a child, but our dog pretends she is a child.

I’m sorry just look at how cute she is.

2. No one seems to find this as funny as I do, but the other night I was laughing uncontrollably at this picture for a good 5 minutes. Every time I look at it I burst out all over again


3. On Sunday morning I tried to run 13 miles, but called it quits after 6…fail. I was so windy and hilly and I was just over it.

4. Some time last week I also learned about Thug Kitchen, and my life improved drastically. This guy will bully you into eating healthy and you will love it.

5. LASTLY, I did single-leg box jumps at the gym on Monday and this happened:

this picture does no justice to the disgusting depth of this badboy hahah

Check out that sweet goose egg action

I have done these a MILLION times so I’m not sure how this happened! I think it was a matter of being too comfortable, like “OBVIOUSLY I can jump one-legged on this wooden box up that is up past my knees one million times”  Get too confident, and that box will show you what’s up.

After I did that, I somehow managed to teach a boot camp that night. It still hurts 3 days later, but the swelling is gone so ALLL good. Did some sprints today so we are pretty much back in action.

Now do me a favour and got enter my SaltStick giveaway! I know you need some electrolytes. And the odds are currently in your favour.

Hope you week is going great!

Best gym mishap? GO.





  1. Best gym mishap:
    Pulled my acl while running laps on the track, for no known reason whatsoever.

    Also, HUGE fan of the Thug Kitchen website. He loves avacados as much as I do!

  2. Oh my God. I just stalked Thug Kitchen for like an hour, that just made my day. Thank you! haha
    How in the world do you do one-legged box jumps? I would totally die.

    • Danielle says:

      HAHA, you’re welcome! It’s the best.
      Haven’t you done them? They’re in James Wilson’s program! I just started back up at week 6. Pure evil!

  3. I had my first (two-legged) box jump failure on Saturday! I don’t even know what happened, but I landed on the box on all fours, so my shins AND forearms are paying the price all this week.

  4. No gym mishap but I did face plant during my 15km Run this summer…sigh! So embarrassing…mostly because I fall ALL THE TIME!! So ridiculous!!

  5. Umm I am pretty sure James said something about his one-legged jumps weren’t like “real” box jumps. I remember a few women asked him and thought he was crazy and he was like “NO NO NO don’t try jumping with one leg!!” And then explained what he really meant… I’ll try to find it so you don’t have a near death accident again. Thank goodness it didn’t hinder your running!

    • Danielle says:

      OKAY REALLY…I am an idiot. I just searched the old group and found it! Now I don’t feel like such a wuss for stepping down to a lower box hahahahah, good grief.