Food + Fun Overload


So we left home Thursday night for extended Easter activities. Thursday night we went to my sister’s place for the night and just hung out. Friday we morning we took the dogs for a long walk and Lemon was the happiest dog alive when she found this bad boy:

She carried it all the way home, at which point I snapped a small piece off for her for her to bring it inside, since she worked so hard to carry it home! Of course once she got cornered on the balcony with it, she had no interest anymore. We spent the rest of the day doing I can’t even remember what…just chatting I guess! And then we headed to my Aunt & Uncle’s for Easter dinner round 1!

Josh & Zola dancin’ + Zo playing Lion King

Boys bonding.

We ate far too much and then headed back to my sister’s and into food comas.

My Mom made this caramel corn herself!

And you thought Mini Eggs were addicting on their own? DO YOU SEE THAT SHIZZ?

Saturday afternoon we headed to Josh’s parents’ place for Easter round 2! It was a BEAUTIFUL day and I had a mega urge to run. It was right before dinner, so I cut it shorter than I would have liked, but still got a good run in!

I totally beat the girl I was racing.

So what if she didn’t know it was a race?

The route I run there is QUITE hilly which turned out to be a bad idea for my calves, post-race pain set right back in when I got home, but I at least wasn’t sore on Sunday!

Post-run we had another amazing Easter dinner and then played Family Feud till legit like 2am. I WILL TAKE YOU DOWN IN FAST MONEY.

THEN, we woke up Sunday morning for an Easter egg hunt! The hunt at Josh’s is the best. We all get assigned a colour and it’s a race to see who can find all their eggs first. I have come in last EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The good news is everyone gets a giant mound of candy no matter what! I would show you but…it’s gone. Woops.

We spent the rest of the weekend like so:

We were so immobile that we didn’t even come home until 6:30am this morning instead of last night!

Hope you had a fantastic Easter!

Are you Easter egg hunt champ or chump (like moi)?




  1. We didn’t have an Easter egg hunt. I think it’s because everyone who comes over is old and they think it won’t be fun. I’d totally hunt for eggs until the day I die.

    Family Feud was my absolute favourite game show and I am so jealous of you right now.

    Josh looks so fancy dancing with Zola. Is that why his “arms are tired”? Bahahaha.

    • Danielle says:

      HAHAHAHAH we just LOL’d so hard at the dancing with Zola comment.

      p.s. That is blasphemy. You need an Easter do-over. I will tell my Mom to prepare the mini-egg caramel corn…

  2. Season Johnson says:

    You are so funny! I enjoy your blog so much! Love the egg hunt idea! All of our children (my children and my nieces and nephews) are getting too old to hunt (oldest is 20, youngest is 3, with lots of teenagers in between!) and that is the perfect idea! And I can totally see my brothers and sisters-in-law hunting like this as well!

    • Danielle says:

      Hah aww!! You totally made my day! Some days I am rather certain I only amuse myself..

      The egg hunt/race is AWESOME, the youngest participant is 17 and we all get so excited!

  3. Whoa whoa whoa!! It’s just not fair to do that to anyone; mini eggs in caramel corn?? I would have face-planted into that thing the minute I saw it. So glad you got to enjoy the weather before mother nature decided to kick southern Ontario in the nuts :S

    • Danielle says:

      RIGHT? Imagine all the things you could throw in homemade caramel corn? CAN YOU SAY REESE’S PIECES???