Man up.

So in the days post-race I have taken it pretty easy!

Monday night was Passover, so I rebooked my bootcamp and we went to Toronto for the seder at my Aunt & Uncle’s. The food was delish (and plentiful) as usual.

matzah ball soup!

The dessert spread…yeah. All flourless though!

I failed at taking pictures of the actual dinner, but it was roast beef, chicken, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, delight, you know how it is.

On the way home from Toronto I realized I had two clients at 6am on Tuesday morning that I nearly forgot about! So I only got a few hours sleep and then somehow managed to operate my post-race legs to get me to the studio. Afterwards I walked to my own gym for some major foam rolling/stretching. I warmed up my muscles on the treadmill for a few minutes and then foam rolled for a good 45 minutes afterwards.

I also taught a bootcamp last night (can you say unwelcome squats/lunges?), but my legs are feeling much better today, and I think bootcamp and the foam rolling helped! Really it is only my calves that have been sore, and that’s because Vibram FiveFingers take lots of calf strength, and before the race I hadn’t ran in mine outside for ages.

In other news, I got a hilarious new shirt in the men’s section of the Nike store, and I wore it to the gym yesterday. I think I made some of the men feel a little self-conscious, hahahah.

Hahhhh, I love it. I’m taking it easy again today (workout wise) since I am teaching another bootcamp tonight. Don’t want to overdo it on my poor bod. Thursday night we are heading out for a weekend full of Easter festivities! So excited! Serious week of food this week, or what?

Favourite quote on a gym shirt?

Do you have Easter plans? Are you going to eat all the mini eggs? And peeps? Peeps are gross, who eats those anyway?




  1. No interest in peeps! Mini eggs on the other hand… now you’re talking!! Love the shirt 🙂

  2. My sentiments exactly, re: the Peeps…ugh 😉

  3. Wow, that dessert spread is making me drool… I don’t have any big feasts planned for Easter, just a girls weekend in London with my best friend because she can’t see her family for Easter. And please let me know when you’re teaching a bootcamp in Guelph next, I would love to try it out!

    • Danielle says:

      Hey Devon! If you want to register for the session (4 or 8 week sessions) you can do so here:

      Camp starts tomorrow! If you aren’t up for that I will send you a note when I hold the next Bring a Friend night and you can be my friend and try the class out!

      • That looks awesome! Yeah, I definitely can’t go tomorrow. This is my last week of classes (i.e. when EVERYTHING is due), and then I have exams, but I will definitely be down for a butt-kicking the next time you can bring a friend, thanks! 🙂