Race prep & kitchen fails

Two days to race day!

Well I shouldn’t really call it a race, because I will be running at a snail’s pace, but that’s fine.

I usually do literally zero workouts on race week because I like to preserve every ounce of energy I can. Some people don’t like that and it makes them feel out of shape, which is sort of the case, but then on race day I feel like the energizer bunny and my legs feel a lot stronger.  This week I wasn’t able to rest entirely. I taught a couple boot camps–  the first one left me with sore legs, so I did next to nothing when I taught the next one. I also ran 6 miles on the treadmill on Wednesday, just to be sure that my knees and my VFFs weren’t bothering me. I was good to go. (Minus some ab cramps due to my apparent belief that water is for suckers).

Please note that has got to be the longest run I have EVER tolerated on a treadmill. Now here’s hoping the roads dry up in Hamilton, so I can actually wear my VFFs. If I have to wear real shoes…it won’t be pretty.

I’ve pretty much got the carb consumption down (HAH), but the water thing just isn’t turning out. I forgot my 1 litre bottle at my parents’ house (I think?) and so it appears as though I’ve just decided it’s not possible to drink water from anything else. Don’t worry, I’m going to wear my CamelBak all day today and tomorrow so I can just drink from a straw whilst laying on the couch…resting my legs, obviously.

Now back to carbs, the other morning I was making egg white oat pancakes, and I decided I had to eat RIGHT NOW. So instead of making smaller, easier to flip pancakes, I decided to make one GIANT pancake. I added some spinach to the batter for some bonus greens. When I flipped it, major fail.

It was also all up on my face, but I will spare you that picture of beauty. It even splattered all over my legs. I don’t even know.

The other thing I wanted to show you for no apparent reason was my TACO PIZZA. So, I threw an ezekiel tortilla into the oven to defrost it, with the intensions of making a turkey taco. I left it in there too long and the tortilla was so toasty, it was no longer flexible. So I decided it was now a taco pizza and contiuously yelled “TACO PIZZZAAA” at Josh, for no apparent reason, until it was gone.

Lastly, I think you need some Lemon in your life. AM I RIGHT? What a strange dog.


I actually cannot wait until Monday…the race will be over. Hah, bad attitude, I know.

Tell me about your kitchen fails!




  1. That photo of Lemon is priceless and I have totally had kitchen fails – oil splatter, tomato sauce splatter – ill never learn that the lid to a pan is the best way to avoid these situations. I also burned my thumb trying to remove a pan of roasted broccoli from the oven without really paying attention and ended up resting my thumb in the 400 degree rack – oops?

  2. I really hope the roads dry up too. I’m not running a race, but I would like to be able to run outside without splashing and slipping. I miss my outdoor runs! Love the idea of a taco pizza too. I might try to recreate that with a pita. Good luck tomorrow!

    • Danielle says:

      You can totally run outside in the snow! Getting out the door is the tough part, but luckily Guelph (unlike K-W) clears all the sidewalks for you!

  3. I have the best (worst) kitchen fail of all time: sriracha in the eye. WORST DAY EVER

    • Danielle says:

      Oh hayyy Megan!
      OWWWWWWW! Josh did that once too– the solution: put your eye in a cup of milk to neutralize it. True story. Hahah!

      • oh hiiii! 🙂

        I called my best friend (she’s an optometrist) right after it happened and she told me the same thing – DUMP MILK IN YOUR EYE! I only had Almond Breeze, but it still worked alright. Had to throw out my contact though…


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